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Me and pet

Just a quiet Saturday night in with Sir. And a few thousand others... Me and pet 1   Me and pet 2   We were all a bit worn out from our public (& private) performances the night before... 😉 Do you feel like sometimes you want to be a little more than just half naked? A ...


On Sinful Sunday it's all about the image. Is there a story to go with this? Oh yes... *slutty grin*  See who else is being sinful with me today at Sinful Sunday. 

Live Sex on the Web

I often wonder when Sir turns on the webcam what I look like performing to others. I can only hope I look as sexy as pet does... Click the pic to see who else is being sinful today!

On Sir’s Orders

I did mention the other day about Sir having me masturbate on cam. For me, masturbation is personal... private... done alone...Unless Sir orders otherwise, of course.Playing with myself for Him is something I do enjoy, but this wasn't for Him. This was for hundreds of strangers.So many conflicting feelings and thoughts performing for those men...So ...


You may be disappointed that these aren't pictures of me masturbating. These were taken by Sir before...... before the camera and the broadcast...... before orders to masturbate (a very personal thing) live 'in front of' hundreds of men... ... before hearing them say they were jacking off to me...... before they started giving orders...... before I ...

My Birthday Spankings

I knew when I originally posted this video on YouTube it wouldn't stay up for long. Now it should stay up on RedTube. ;)This was a secondary recording to a live broadcast by Sir.

"You lucky mother fucker"

Sir does love turning on the webcam and sharing his sluts with the world... It is so odd listening to him talk with people watching us have sex, but it is a huge turn on as well. There is just something so completely depraved about it all.And he does so enjoy the "You lucky mother ...


So grateful the chains kept us from falling completely on the floor. Or crawling on it... Punished live on Alt. See who else is being sinful with me today at MollysDailyKiss.com.

1200 Cocks

This is what 1200 hard cocks would look like. Saturday Sir broadcast myself & pet live. We had more than 1160 viewers... for a very, very long time... They weren't just watching. They were commenting, making requests, jacking off... Still trying to grasp that concept... Mmmm... ...

Live on the Web

On Saturday Sir said "Log in to your Alt.com account." I have told him he can have access to any of my accounts at any time without question. I have nothing to hide from him. But I knew he didn't want to read my messages... I knew he was going to broadcast live...  Although it made me feel ...