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Sir Knows Best

Finishing school kept me very busy this week. As a result, I have not been very sinful. It's not for lack of opportunity, though. A very tempting offer had me interrupting Sir's evening last night desperately begging for permission to fuck. Patience is a skill that I still need more work on. The following words have ...

Been around the cock once or twice…

I cleaned my truck out yesterday. And installed modular storage. How is this sinful? I didn't think it was.My school and massage supplies have a large cubby with its own storage cube inside. I have to keep a LOT of books with me.My slut essentials and other important girly stuff should always be available at a moments ...

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And now for something completely different…

I was accused of a horrible thing. "Abuse by Intimidation" of one of my patients. I was hurt. Someone I worked with either really believed I would ever harm a patient... or had other motives... I was pretty much told I was going to be fired by my boss before I even got to respond ...

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“Tonight I want you to tell me what this punishment means TO YOU... and what you’ve gotten out of it so far.” Sir, I am writing this out because it helps me think. I am sure I will ramble. I told you the other day I am a masochist. If I didn’t feel your punishment was harsh ...

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Taking a break

Sometimes real life fucks you. Without consent. Repeatedly. For a while I am stepping away from my online life and focusing on the things that are really important. I may be back tomorrow. Or maybe next week. Or maybe never. Only time will tell.

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I am annoyed because this is the fb status of the one that called in sick. Posted at 0934.

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A reminder why I post the pictures I do

text Why do I post the pictures I do? Well here it is. Another Wednesday. Time to look through all of my pictures to find something slutty to post. I do have a lot of pictures. And video. I may not have as much porn on my computer as some of you pervs out there, but ...

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Secret Subliminal Message

See who else is being sinful with me today at Sinful Sunday.

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Kneeling on a Bed of Nails

text http://www.fetishpopculture.com/archives/f_f/more_remy_ff_ds_art.php Do you feel like sometimes you want to be a little more than just half naked? A bit more than just slightly suggestive? For the weeks you want to play with the wicked & wanton crowd, feel free to join us on Wednesdays.

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The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

by Robert Anson HeinleinA woman is not property, and husbands who think otherwise are living in a dreamworld.  Sovereign ingredient for a happy marriage: Pay cash or do without. Interest charges not only eat up a household budget; awareness of debt eats up domestic felicity.  When the fox gnaws -- smile! Take care of the ...

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