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My njoy Eleven

Disclaimer: This video is *not* a product review. This is a task, completed. 😉 #FucktoyFriday

Who will touch my naked body tonight?

Yes, this is a question I ask myself often. Not only does it cross my mind often with Sir, I ask it each evening before class.It has been truly horrible the past few months having an amazing, fun instructor and a small, close class. To make it even worse, we have to strip and rub ...

A good slut

Looking forward to a date tomorrow while still floaty from today with Sir. #LuckySlut #LoveHim— @iSlut_™ (@iSlut_) April 5, 2013 I am very, very lucky and he understands me so well. Shower time. Have to get clean so I can get dirty.— @iSlut_™ (@iSlut_) April 5, 2013 It was a leisurely morning. I just got to pet ...

Sir’s Whore

Unfortunately there are no pictures of sinfulness for you this week. Oh, there are tons of pictures... and video... but nothing I have access to at the moment. I can say I enjoyed being Sir's slave this weekend, even if I had to share him with so many women. And I did enjoy ...

Sir said it best

"I love how this...""... turns into this." And maybe a bit more if you click around... 😉 See who else is being sinful with me this week.


Before Sir's guest arrived... Before the television camera came back out again... Before I was beaten by both... Before they pounded every hole... Just me waiting, knowing what's about to happen. See who else is being sinful with me this week.

The Bench

How Sir sent me to my surprise date Thursday.The first thing (of so many) my date did to me. The stream of drool did not photograph well.All to pick up a bench that was custom made for me so Sir can beat me more.I am a very lucky girl. 🙂 See who else is being sinful ...


or "How to deal with everyday life" Emotions overwhelm Breathe Thoughts race Breathe There is not enough time Breathe You have no control Breathe Your body hurts Breathe There is no escape Breathe Help isn’t coming Breathe Your reactions slow Breathe The torment continues Breathe Insanity seems certain Breathe Focus on your body Breathe Feel the muscles Breathe Experience sensations Breathe Feel alive Breathe The mind silences Breathe Emotions release Breathe Relax Breathe Feel life Breathe Exist Breathe Simply be Breathe There you will find what you seek See who else is being sinful with ...

Pouring Hot Fudge Wax on a Beautiful Blonde Amazon

I now have pictures from the spa test I was talking about a couple of weeks ago. Since I am being all responsible and shit this weekend, I will simply leave you with those. See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Toppy, Pampered, or Subby?

These were my tweets for three nights in a row. The first night was an important exam at school for me. Bet you can't guess which night I liked the best...Tuesday:My massage victim tonight looked a bit glassy eyed when she left. I made her hold my crop while I beat her back. Mindfuck massage. ...