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"How do you read the signposts of life? Look at the events in your life. What is unfolding in your life right now? Be aware of both the undesirable and the desirable. Realize that there is always both. And, when you can't see both, then imagine how you want things to be. Hold on to ...

Product Placement

I was so busy 'thinking' about those fucking-hot-as-hell massages I gave Thursday & Friday and Sir coming back home that I forgot about Sinful Sunday...I did have some shots from my task the other day, so... njoy. I did. 😉  See who else is being sinful with me this week.

My njoy Eleven

Disclaimer: This video is *not* a product review. This is a task, completed. 😉 #FucktoyFriday

njoying myself

I have been very quiet on twitter, and not because I was busy with Sir. He was busy himself, mostly unavailable, and I had not been able to see him in a very long time. I remained very patient, content, & tranquil. I did not stress about things beyond my control threatening my relationship with ...