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"Last night was a mile marker for myself.I felt totally intoxicated, without drink, as if all my worries were erased.This morning is so peaceful. I feel release. Still up there and excited to meet the day! Loves & hugz :-)" For a change, these words aren't mine.These words belong to the man I beat for the very ...


As I was wondering what to write this week, I found myself getting sadder and sadder. It isn't that it was a sad week. On the contrary it was filled with loved family, dear friends, and even a couple of fun & smart new friends.And Sir.*sighs*I am not even subdropping yet. That usually takes a ...

The Saturday Evening Show

Yes, Sir had me prepare everything for my own torture.Yes, I was the Saturday Evening Show for Sir and a local Domme to enjoy.Yes, I was beaten with many implements for a very long time by two men.Yes, I every limb was padlocked and I was helplessly displayed.Yes, I was fucked in every hole by ...

Less is More

I could go on for pages about my first needle play last night. I could describe the torture right up to (and a bit past) my physical limits from Sir while growling the most wonderfully horrible things the night before for even longer.But this is #SinfulSunday. It's not about my babblings. It's about the picture ...


"How do you read the signposts of life? Look at the events in your life. What is unfolding in your life right now? Be aware of both the undesirable and the desirable. Realize that there is always both. And, when you can't see both, then imagine how you want things to be. Hold on to ...

Pussy Flogging

*grins happily and dozes off spooning a flogger* See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Subby Space

It is so simple. I don't need to think. I don't need to worry. That's not my job. *slips further into own mind* He will command me. I serve him. I serve them. I truly am a slave. *muscles relax* I am whatever he needs. He will let me know. My role is well defined. Even in public. *smiles and stretches* When he is working, I wait. Do chores, feed critters. Remind ...

Product Placement

I was so busy 'thinking' about those fucking-hot-as-hell massages I gave Thursday & Friday and Sir coming back home that I forgot about Sinful Sunday...I did have some shots from my task the other day, so... njoy. I did. 😉  See who else is being sinful with me this week.

My njoy Eleven

Disclaimer: This video is *not* a product review. This is a task, completed. 😉 #FucktoyFriday

Keeping it clean

This was a very clean week in all but the very best ways. Those are better dirty. See who else is being sinful with me this week.

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