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Deep Thought

Sinful Sunday

Each week I look for a picture to post. I love looking through my photos, old and new. I love the memories. This one was different though. You are looking at it right now. It made me look forward, not back. That seems to be my theme this week. The rain is coming. The party season is coming. My birthday is coming. I've been thinking ...

Pet’s Scene

You can listen here. I messaged pet.I sent you some music. Imagine the scene I might set... then listen to it...  My friend, the one who sent me the music, saw what I wrote and messaged me. That's beautiful to hear. Thank you! You're welcome. Added bonus: The mindfuck has begun, and she is squirming even more ...

DM with @SlipperyWhnWhet


For me Direct Messages (DMs) in Twitter aren't an even more depraved level of brazen sluttiness. That's what my Public Timeline (TL) is for. 😉 My DMs are a quiet corner in a really fucking public place to enjoy a more serious, one on one conversation. Very few are invited in for a chat. Sometimes my DMs ...

Day Off

I am thoroughly enjoying this relaxed, happy, achy, floaty feeling right now. It has been a very long time. I tried to write about my date with the Sadist, but the thoughts are all still jumbled. I will say, though, it was horribly wonderful. 

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New Divide

I would like to apologize first to everyone that has put up with me for the entire past month of my "self-destruction". (Credit to Sir for that accurate description.) I would like to thank those who offered much needed support. I have personally thanked as many as I could. I have diagnosed myself as having ...