Personal Favorites

My first hard-core, all-out, full-blown introduction to BDSM. Best birthday present I ever gave myself!
An English essay assignment. Actually written about a Subspace out-of-body experience.
This picture makes me grin from ear to ear. I remember that moment…. *sigh*
My final English essay on Masochism and Subspace.
Ahh… the day of pain…
Just to remind myself it will go away.
Well, even pleasure can be painful. But I am a masochist…
So many sensations… so HOT…
I will never forget that orgasm!
You can teach an old slut new tricks.
Memories of an old friend who encouraged me to explore BDSM. A very smart friend.
The take-offs and landings are the hardest part.
Still one of my favorite pics!
The chronicles of a break-up. A very long read.
A good friend. A new start. And one hell of a good time!
I safeworded because of orgasms.  Seriously!
I just love it when the last limb is bound…
A very special task.
Mental BDSM done extremely well.
Why had I gone so long without girl sex?!?!
Sometimes I just need to be completely used.
A chance to celebrate in style with my first.
It was the perfect start to all of this!
The story of a dare that gave me a birthday fantasy idea… and opened a whole new level of sluttiness!
A new girlfriend, a new adventure begins.
The first of a three part story. My fantasy come to life!
A very intimate connection…
My first experience topping alone with pain. Told by her…
Deciding it is ok to open myself up to emotional pain. And oh, the benefits it can bring!
An updated list of likes and dislikes for a certain Dom. Still evolving. 😉
My desires and fears about “The Sadist”
The story of my second, and her first gangbang.
A beautiful first for pet.
Submission isn’t just about sex.
The first time I served Sir alone.
A humbling lesson.
Watching myself being beaten is intriguing.
A mark that didn’t show.
Ahh, good Navy memories…
I still can’t believe I had the courage to do this!
You just *think* you know what this one’s about. 😉
*happy sigh*
Maybe too taboo for you…
Spacey sluts say the funniest things.
It’s not that they can’t hear you scream. It’s that they don’t care.
Or at least it should…
A reminder to myself.
I do it for me. But you can perve them too!
Which mood am I in today?
A very unexpected glimpse into some hidden corner of my own mind.
He flew across the country for one night to see me.
Consensual Nonconsent. In public.
I love that He loves to share me.
Perhaps my most humiliation confession. The story that fought not to be written.
There are many paradoxes in BDSM…
Things can change so quickly, but sometimes those moments stay with us…
Yet another attempt to explain the unexplainable and “pervert Religion, Science, the Universe, the meaning of Existence, and Everything all at once”.
Sometimes I can’t let things out, even here, no matter how angry I get.
Mmm… military men…
A completely unexpected life change, and proof that attitude is everything.
Another big change, and a wonderful beginning.
My first visit to the local kink club, and the devastating results.
Here I go again… foolishly rushing back for more pain because… well… it’s what I do.
My quest to corrupt the neighbors and combine school with kink continues.
Not all tests are meant to be passed.
Whether it is a cane beating, or just simply life, sometimes you have to go in to get through.
I love anticipation.
The sluttiest cruise ever! And they paid me. 😉
Every chance I get. 🙂
It is where I belong.
Two reminders to myself. Life tops us all, and communication before EVERY scene is important!
Sometimes you have a clue where you’re headed. Sometimes you don’t. Look for the signposts. Then trust them.