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“She’s yours. Do with her what you wish.”

Sir has some truly evil, sadistic friends... with razor sharp nails and teeth... I whined. I cried. I laughed hysterically. I screamed. I tried to attack to kill. They just laughed and carried on. She and Sir enjoyed watching me run around in the small circle that was the only space I had to move, suspended from ...

Designing Slut

During my first week settling back into Sir's home, we discovered my old slave quarters did not have enough storage for an actual 24/7/365 slut. There was no longer any room to swing a whip, flogger, or cane. The giant St. Andrews Cross was nearly inaccessible. There was no space to maneuver around the suspension ...


Reposted from Birthday Gangbang: Round One in honor of Molly choosing one of my photos to be the Bukkake Header Image on Kink of the Week. This is my very first experience with bukkake: Continued. Read the beginning  here. So where was I at? Oh yes. The men got up and walked toward me, slowly. My ...


"Bind me well Sir. I don't need to fight. I need to surrender." Sir grinned evilly. A posture collar and clover clamp combination instantly eliminated any upper body movement. He buckled on a ball gag and blindfold, purring evil things into my ear with that sexy voice. Eventually my screams quieted to whimpers, and he continued. The spreader bar locked my lower body into ...

May I please cry some more Sir?

May I please cry some more Sir

And screaming. I think we both need lots of screaming... See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Art (Revisited)


"The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain." ~Lord Byron The chair was set upon a large table. A throne of sort. Sir put me on display on the stage he'd set. Leaning back pulled my wrists and leaning forward made my clover clamped nipples scream. Tilting my head forward ...



Sir can effortlessly make me drop. Anytime, anywhere. Usually my mind has flown before I hit the ground. He enjoys it so much more than simply ordering me to kneel. He can also cause another drop, again without effort. He doesn't even have to touch me. His weapon is my own mind. Click through for that view. See who ...

Cold Boot

Hard Restart-20150226-173354319_1

When my phone or computer begins to act weird, or freeze up, I try to shut off the extra programs running in the background. If that doesn't work, I usually give up and turn everything off and then back on again. You may have done the same once or twice. A complete shutdown, a fresh ...

Hot Date


A tweet from subspace: Today's date included a plasma torch. And screaming. And cock. Too bad I have no pics I can share. Thank you @DomWorks. I love you. Zzz... — Laurie (@iSlut_) December 6, 2014 I found one... I arrived, knowing I was going to be beaten and fucked. Well, at least hoping I would be. It didn't ...



Although the destination beckons warmly, the point of the journey is the revelations along the path. See who else is being sinful with me this week.