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Consensual Nonconsent (Revisited)

Originally posted August 16, 2010. Safe, sane, and consensual kinky sex can be an amazing experience. It’s like taking the best thing ever and adding all sorts of new ingredients and spices that only enhance it. Every now and then, though, I crave an element of fear. Fear is a very difficult ingredient to come by. With those ...


Reposted from Birthday Gangbang: Round One in honor of Molly choosing one of my photos to be the Bukkake Header Image on Kink of the Week. This is my very first experience with bukkake: Continued. Read the beginning  here. So where was I at? Oh yes. The men got up and walked toward me, slowly. My ...



Synonyms for Showered: flooded (verb) deluged, doused, drenched, drowned, engulfed, flooded, imbued, immersed, inundated, rinsed, saturated, sloshed, sluiced, soaked, submerged, swamped. gave (verb) allotted, allowed, ascribed, assigned, assisted, attributed, awarded, bequeathed, bestowed, consigned, contributed, delivered, devoted, disbursed, dispensed, doled, donated, endowed, expended, extended, funded, furnished, gave, given, granted, helped, imparted, lavished, lent, offered, paid, pledged, presented, provided, rationed, ...



Last night was a rare Friday that I was both off work and staying with Sir. It was First Friday, the local Art Walk night, and very warm. The town was busy, and there were people everywhere. I was enjoying the local art, music, and beer along with and Sir, Mrs D, and their friends. When ...

In My Mind…

.@DomWorks If *I'm* in charge today Sir, I order you to smoke more hash. Better hurry...— Laurie (@iSlut_) March 12, 2015 .@DomWorks Fetch a length of rope as well Sir.— Laurie (@iSlut_) March 12, 2015 This is the look I got when he finally made it outside to where I was waiting in the sunshine for him. Do ...

Pee, Cock, & Duck


I thought I hadn't been very slutty this week. All work and no play. At least it felt like it. But I did make the most of the breaks I did take. Too bad I can't fill in all the blanks publicly for you, but if you're here, you're probably a pervert too. I trust you ...



*innocent look* Who? Me? I haven't been up to much of anything... that I can talk about... But it is always good to see old friends. And to make new ones. Click. *grins and runs away* See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Birthday Slut


"When is your birthday?" I always smile when I answer "At midnight on Halloween." It makes people stop and think, it is easier to remember, and sounds much cooler than "November first." But that's not why I'm smiling. I am smiling because it makes me think about kink... and cock... and all sorts of sex. If you've been ...



Sometimes it is more about what I really need. And sometimes it is more about what He really needs. See who else is being sinful with me this week.



I love to wear this pin at Sunday Dinner with @DomWorks & Mrs D. Sir helps by stabbing it into my flesh. Who needs that silly safety clasp anyway? *whimpers, smiles, and serves the guests* See who else is being sinful with me this week.