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Puppy Pads and Potty Play

"It is only polite when attending a play party for the first time in a new area to leave completely covered in the Hostess's cum. ;)" After a week full of real life ups and downs, I was worn out. Grumpy at everyone and everything, I was hating my life. This photo shows a much better ...


Reposted from Birthday Gangbang: Round One in honor of Molly choosing one of my photos to be the Bukkake Header Image on Kink of the Week. This is my very first experience with bukkake: Continued. Read the beginning  here. So where was I at? Oh yes. The men got up and walked toward me, slowly. My ...



Synonyms for Showered: flooded (verb) deluged, doused, drenched, drowned, engulfed, flooded, imbued, immersed, inundated, rinsed, saturated, sloshed, sluiced, soaked, submerged, swamped. gave (verb) allotted, allowed, ascribed, assigned, assisted, attributed, awarded, bequeathed, bestowed, consigned, contributed, delivered, devoted, disbursed, dispensed, doled, donated, endowed, expended, extended, funded, furnished, gave, given, granted, helped, imparted, lavished, lent, offered, paid, pledged, presented, provided, rationed, ...

Deep Thoughts

I have had more cocks up my ass than most people, and by that I mean both on a single 'date' and cumulatively. I closely examine and touch ani more often than any proctologist. Add in the fact that I am intimate with all the genitalia as well and, at 30 or so times a ...

Bare Bottomed Birthday Slut

So on Halloween, when 'good girls' everywhere dress as sluts, what does a real slut dress as? Why, a Good Girl of course. Completely covered. Completely comfortable and cozy. Not in heels, not tied up in garters and corsets. Note my fuzzy bedroom slippers and my red bathrobe on the coat hook. See? Perfectly innocent. (Nevermind that in ...

In the Dirtiest of Spaces


In the dirtiest of spaces, In the dirtiest of ways, Enthusiastically serving on my knees, Proudly showing all I'm a good girl. See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Tilting At Windmills


This has been a week of battles. I would have MUCH rather had kinky sex all week with lots of photos. It would have been much more fun than the full-blown PTSD-Triggered/Pissed-Off-Mama/Nearly-Homicidal-Maniac time I had. People keep disrupting my quixotic vision of a world where everyone just does the right thing. Truly sinful... But I was Right. Every. Fucking. ...



Last night was a rare Friday that I was both off work and staying with Sir. It was First Friday, the local Art Walk night, and very warm. The town was busy, and there were people everywhere. I was enjoying the local art, music, and beer along with and Sir, Mrs D, and their friends. When ...

Pee, Cock, & Duck


I thought I hadn't been very slutty this week. All work and no play. At least it felt like it. But I did make the most of the breaks I did take. Too bad I can't fill in all the blanks publicly for you, but if you're here, you're probably a pervert too. I trust you ...



See who else is being sinful with me this week. But wait! There's more! Sir would like for me to offer up the photo below for captioning. Tweet me or Sir with your ideas, or email me. Thank you. Disclaimer for my Self Defense: These two photos are not related. At all.