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Disclaimer: This is not an erotic post, or really sexy at all, so technically not qualified for Sinful Sunday, but I don't care. This is my diary. Writing is therapy. This is a call for awareness, and I am officially activating my personal support network. That means you. I am hurting people I love no matter what I do. It ...

May I please cry some more Sir?

May I please cry some more Sir

And screaming. I think we both need lots of screaming... See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Leaden Heart

This article touched me deeply when I stumbled across it the other day. It came up while I was searching the phrase 'a token of my love'. It begins like this: As a token of my Love.. Today this is still such a powerfully romantic phrase! And it is only today I have learned where this phrase has ...

One Year to Love


I am leaving @Domworks. Nonconsensually. It is unavoidable. And I fucking HATE it! Next summer, I will be whisked away to paradise and treated like a princess against my will. I left that coast on purpose a long time ago and moved across the country to get here. I am happier right now that I ever ...

Tilting At Windmills


This has been a week of battles. I would have MUCH rather had kinky sex all week with lots of photos. It would have been much more fun than the full-blown PTSD-Triggered/Pissed-Off-Mama/Nearly-Homicidal-Maniac time I had. People keep disrupting my quixotic vision of a world where everyone just does the right thing. Truly sinful... But I was Right. Every. Fucking. ...



When I got my boots I said that they looked "too new". I also said that Sir would remedy that soon enough. He definitely did just that. Now they are scarred, scuffed, and beaten. They are more comfortable than ever. I think that they look much more beautiful this way, and will only become more so ...

On Stage Again


I spend a lot of time backstage. This photo is from one of those times on a date. It's where all the fun really is. I can watch life's dramas, emotional exhibitions, and audience reactions safely from my spot without personal risk. It's not me on stage, after all. And when the show is finally ...



I really do believe my attitude does change the reality I see. I strive to make my own reality as happy, humorous, and slutty as possible. Caution: Attitudes may be contagious. See who else is being sinful with me this week.



"I touch naked people appropriately for money. I touch naked people inappropriately for fun." It is all about touch. I am a junkie. The physical connection to other human beings is such a rush! The more skin, the better. My life revolves around it, so I think about it a lot. At work, touch is my most important ...



Sometimes it is more about what I really need. And sometimes it is more about what He really needs. See who else is being sinful with me this week.