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Mr. Woody the Christmas Cock


Sir had promised me cock for Christmas. I had forgotten that statement. I was busy scheming about my sculpture gift for him. Little did I know that he was making his own sculpture for me. Mr. Woody is made from cherry wood. It is from a tree Sir and I cut down together. The statue of me I gave ...



I knew what I wanted to give Sir, but I couldn't find or make one, so I commissioned a sculpture for my Christmas present this year. My lovely friend Cyra of Sen Kouros was the sculptor. I was the model. Prostration, meaning worship, reverence, & submission to Sir. Prostration, meaning completely spent, for example when I am ...


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"Oh, the horrible things @DomWorks makes me do..." Being a slave isn't always about cock & whips. Often I serve Him by the most menial of tasks, such as letting the new dog Wiley, a coyote mix, take me for a walk. I am sure you can see how cruel he can be... P.S. I believe she ...

For Sir


See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Treasure Hunt

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Mrs D had given me a task on our third anniversary. She purchased a treasure map and I needed to find real silver coins with it. Others would be looking for the treasure as well, so I had to hurry. It was driving me nuts because I wasn't getting anywhere. The symbols and clues seemed ...



"What's a little charred skin when you have made an awesome fire like this?" My hands have been criss-crossed with burn scars ever since I met @DomWorks. Is this a Sadist's torture? No. These are self-inflicted scars. I do not even feel the pain anymore. When I get home early in the morning after work, I LOVE to ...

Fifteen Minute Break

"You still haven't answered my question about a date while you're away Sir." "I know," he answered distractedly, not even looking away from his screen. Obviously he was busy, so I went outside to enjoy the sunshine. He came out a few minutes later, typing away, and muttering to himself. I could not resist the words (and ...


"Bind me well Sir. I don't need to fight. I need to surrender." Sir grinned evilly. A posture collar and clover clamp combination instantly eliminated any upper body movement. He buckled on a ball gag and blindfold, purring evil things into my ear with that sexy voice. Eventually my screams quieted to whimpers, and he continued. The spreader bar locked my lower body into ...

Boot Slut

I LOVE polishing boots. I love the feel of the leather, I love massaging the polish into it. My personal preference is Kiwi at body temperature. The leather loves it as well. So... I finally polished my new boots. Well. Then Sir pointed out that his 'everyday' pair was covered in paint. So I cleaned and ...

May I please cry some more Sir?

May I please cry some more Sir

And screaming. I think we both need lots of screaming... See who else is being sinful with me this week.