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May I please cry some more Sir?

May I please cry some more Sir

And screaming. I think we both need lots of screaming... See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Hot Date


A tweet from subspace: Today's date included a plasma torch. And screaming. And cock. Too bad I have no pics I can share. Thank you @DomWorks. I love you. Zzz... — Laurie (@iSlut_) December 6, 2014 I found one... I arrived, knowing I was going to be beaten and fucked. Well, at least hoping I would be. It didn't ...

Weed and Sex


Is there anything that goes better with amazing, kinky sex than weed? I realize that may not be a politicly correct statement in many places, but this is Washington. It's legal here. This photo is from something I bought at the state run store by my house just yesterday. It may or may not also cover up ...

Training Day


"Now you're going to watch the slut cry and drool," Sir promised his new young sub. "He is going to fuck her throat with a pierced cock and no mercy." He wanted her to watch and perhaps learn a trick or two. She looked nervous. I was not. I've been training hard the past two weeks. Pun intended. ...

Filthy Little Whore


"You really are a filthy little whore, aren't you?" I heard that from each of my dates this week. Sir was away after all. Sluts should play. I considered describing those moments with each when these words were uttered. They restrained me. Limits were breached. My thoughts, my fears, my internal struggles with each... I restrained my ...



All I did was play a song. And not even the whole song. Only two minutes and twelve seconds of it. But when Sir asked how many seconds it was, I knew I was in trouble. And I was. 132 seconds in Sir's mind equaled 132 cane strikes. Then I had the audacity to ask for ...



My date's choice from tonight.   See who else is being sinful with me this week.

No Safewords

He pulls me from the driver's seat & over the tailgate, beating me. "Sure you missed me slut?" Thru the pain I cry "Yes Sir!" "There is no safeword today slut, but you will get a reward if you're good. Now we will start at pain level Red & work up..." Screaming, clawing, crawling, fighting, begging, sobbing, ...