Riding the Tiller

Sir and I now have a sailboat. After much difficulty registering the derelict vessel, last night was time for it’s first (legal) cruise out of the lagoon it had been sheltered in. When the tide was just right, Sir towed us carefully through the jetty.

Finally in open water, I discovered my new favorite way to steer the boat. I shoved the hard shaft of the tiller between my legs and began rocking my hips. Other boaters seemed amused.

How does a slut entertain herself on a maiden voyage? By fucking the boat of course. The Darealicked isn’t a virgin anymore.

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8 Responses
  1. Malflic says:

    Best first voyage ever!

  2. That is a very clever way to steer a boat. I never would have thought of it. 😉

  3. Oh, wish that would be my tiller you be riding.

  4. Molly says:

    You look so fabulously happy


  5. Now that is a great way to christen the maiden voyage.

  6. Bee says:

    That looks wonderful. I’m happiest by water and I’d probably end up fucking on the boat too.

  7. Aurora Glory says:

    Oo it does look rather nice to grind on! I hope you have many more lovely times on your boat together!
    Aurora x

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