“Go bring in the skiff,” he said.

At low tide, I had volunteered to help carry it closer to the shore.

Now at high tide, alone, I took off my boots and socks, rolled my pants as far up as I could, and walked barefoot over rocks and barnacles to complete my task.

I only made it halfway to the boat. Even the dog wouldn’t follow me out into the water. I had a choice to make.

Know your limits and stand by them NO MATTER WHAT! There is no punishment from a good Dom for refusing an impossible and/or dangerous task. I got a hug instead. <3

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6 Responses
  1. Domworks says:

    The actual response you got is ” do you even own a swimsuit?” Love you slut (;,,,,;)

  2. Molly says:

    I know this is meant as a slightly funny post but I also think it is a very serious point in that it is really important to not only know your own limits and boundaries but to also ALWAYS assess any situation for your safety especially when your Dom is not actually there with you and as you say, any Dom who issues a punishment for doing so is one I would suggest you might want to avoid!


  3. Bee says:

    I love how you use humour to highlight an important point. We all have limits and should stick to them to ensure our own safety.

  4. I wouldn’t go out there either. That looks freezing!

  5. eye says:

    Looks bloody freezing!

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