Once again I have been a very well behaved slut again. I am going to have to start misbehaving soon or I’m going to run out of slutty photos. Life keeps interfering however…

I have been spending a lot of time on my back though. Laying in bed on a heating pad nursing a painful shoulder, I just breathe thru the pain. Muscle relaxers and weed help as well.

I stare at the wall above my bed. Three separate pieces of art hang there. The grouping of them says so much more to me now.

The first is one I asked to move into my room from Sir’s shop. I love it. It always reminded me humility is a sign of strength.

are not that important
(created by an artist friend of Sir’s)

The second is a goofy Christmas sign the neighbors gave us. I thought it would be funny hanging behind the St. Andrews cross. It’s not as funny now.

(a novelty holiday sign received as a gift)

The third has always left me with unsettled feelings. The mask is titled “♀”. The young girl that made it said she felt unable or not allowed to speak her mind. I have always encouraged just that, but at that age I hadn’t found my ‘voice’ yet either. Fortunately, she has found her inner strength many years sooner than her mother did.

(created by my eldest daughter at school, age 14)

When I put the three together and stood back to look at the placement, a completely new meaning emerged for me. I almost took it right back down. Different feelings overwhelmed me. Instead of humble, humored, and proud I felt scared, angry, and helpless.

*This* is how I feel about the current political state of the world.

I need to find my ‘voice’ again…

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4 Responses
  1. Rebecca says:

    Emotive and powerful words

  2. Molly says:

    I completely understand your feelings. The world is super fucked up at the moment and it is very scary


  3. Mr Minx says:

    …better not shout…
    (See, I know how this goes!)

  4. Bee says:

    The world is a fucked up and terrifying place at the moment.

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