Puppy Pads and Potty Play

“It is only polite when attending a play party for the first time in a new area to leave completely covered in the Hostess’s cum. ;)”


After a week full of real life ups and downs, I was worn out. Grumpy at everyone and everything, I was hating my life. This photo shows a much better ending to this week though. I blame kink.

Last Sunday I went to my first munch here, and last night was my first local play party. It was fun to be able to dress slutty again, and to mingle with some very interesting people. I enjoyed the attention from the men, and could have asked for anything I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday, but my heart wasn’t in it.

Sipping Guinness to the screams and moans of naked women being tortured, I chose instead to sit with a young girl who had never been to a public party before. She said she was as nervous as she looked, and I told her I could remember vividly what that felt like. We talked for quite a while, and other people joined in. She looked a lot less nervous after a while, and that made me happy.

The host of the party then pointed his whip at me. “Make her cum,” he said, indicating his slave on the St. Andrews cross. She had already been one of the screaming/moaning women being tortured and the puppy pad beneath her was wet. I grinned and got up. I gave a mischievous look to the others. I knelt down in front of her and turned on the Hitachi while he continued to beat her. I loved making eye contact with the audience members. I do love being a good show. By the time he was done, I was completely covered in her cum, as was about a four foot radius around the puppy pad. He later complimented me on my skill with the Hitachi while we watched her mop up her own mess. *evil grin*

There were still others with the girl at my table, and all were chatting away. When one woman brought out her electrical toys, I turned to them and asked “Have you ever tried a Violet Wand?” They said no, so I grabbed the girl by the hand. “You HAVE to try it!” I pulled her away and the rest followed. Within minutes, there were women rubbing each other all over, loving the sensation of electricity passing through them.

I was glad they got to try something new, but I was getting tired. I said my goodbyes and the girl left with me. I was happy to walk her to her car, which was next to mine. She thanked me and said she would be back at the next play party. I said I would see her again as well. I smiled all the way home (and then attacked my ‘poor’ husband).

Now what to do between now and the next play party? Well until I figure that out, I’ll be in the master bathroom. I have this urge to keep pushing buttons. 😉



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4 Responses
  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh my goodness I am going to have to google Violet Wand. Thank you for the picture and words

  2. Molly says:

    I think the ‘new girl’ bumped into the perfect person to spend the evening with and I am glad you week ended on such a lovely (kinky) note


  3. Bee says:

    It sounds like the party was just what you needed!

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