Synonyms for Showered:

flooded (verb)
deluged, doused, drenched, drowned, engulfed, flooded, imbued, immersed, inundated, rinsed, saturated, sloshed, sluiced, soaked, submerged, swamped.

gave (verb)
allotted, allowed, ascribed, assigned, assisted, attributed, awarded, bequeathed, bestowed, consigned, contributed, delivered, devoted, disbursed, dispensed, doled, donated, endowed, expended, extended, funded, furnished, gave, given, granted, helped, imparted, lavished, lent, offered, paid, pledged, presented, provided, rationed, rendered, sent, served, shared, submitted, supplied, tendered.

Other synonyms and related words:
Overflowed, assailed, avalanched, barraged, bathed, cascaded, clouded, douched, drizzled, flowed, flurried, gusted, hailed, heaped, overwhelmed, pelted, poured, rained, scattered, smothered, splashed, sprayed, sprinkled, stormed, streamed, teemed, volleyed, washed.

Yup. That sounds like the perfect word to sum up the evening.


And then he turned on the water…


Sinful SundaySee who else is being sinful with me this week.

I miss you Sir, and love you very much! :-*

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