Treasure Hunt

Mrs D had given me a task on our third anniversary. She purchased a treasure map and I needed to find real silver coins with it. Others would be looking for the treasure as well, so I had to hurry. It was driving me nuts because I wasn’t getting anywhere. The symbols and clues seemed to make some sense but none of them gave me any idea where to look, although I did learn a lot more about regions of India, magic squares, and sun crosses. Mrs D does so enjoy watching her mindfucks take over my brain.

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Then suddenly it all made sense. I was looking in the wrong place. The directions were right in front of me, written quite clearly. I just couldn’t see them yet. Reading this map would take time, but I didn’t have enough. My mind obsessed over what it may say, but the treasure was still out of reach.

It was already Thanksgiving. Another team had already found the treasure and taken their share. Only two more chances to complete my task, but again life kept me from it.

Sir had requested to meet my children, saying that he really needed to meet the people I was leaving him for. I had sworn that I would never hurt my children again by letting their emotions get tied up in my poly relationships, but I could not dispute Sir’s needs either. Thanksgiving seemed to be a perfect time, so I brought them here.

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It went beautifully, and everything was perfect. The next morning my youngest charmed everyone even more while my eldest helped me translate the map, quickly obsessing over it as much as I was. Mrs D thoroughly enjoyed watching both of us go nuts.


When the directions were found they were very specific, but we still had to find two diamonds first. ‘Diamond’ could mean anything. It also quickly became obvious we needed a completely different map. But of what? Where was this ancient valley? We were on an island. Mrs D laughed at our dilemma.

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She finally gave me the final clue I needed. Then it was obvious which map I would need. I pulled it up on my laptop, read the directions again, and knew exactly where on this island the treasure was. It was only a short drive and a short walk away. We all jumped into cars and headed off to find the treasure.

It was a lovely day, it was a beautiful walk. I was with my girls, as well as Sir and his wife. We got to the precise spot, and began to look. Sir was the one that found it. It was a phone number. I dialed it. We were the second team to call. We did it! We got pieces of silver. One will be framed with the treasure map, and my eldest received the other two. It was her fifteenth birthday after all, and I know this is one she will always remember.

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I have been very thankful the last two days for all the treasures in my life.

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