Deep Thoughts

I have had more cocks up my ass than most people, and by that I mean both on a single ‘date’ and cumulatively. I closely examine and touch ani more often than any proctologist. Add in the fact that I am intimate with all the genitalia as well and, at 30 or so times a day, I probably see more than most sex workers too.


Does this make me an expert on assholes? Perhaps. Let’s just say that very little bothers me on the subject, incoming or outgoing.

I really do love a big cock buried in my ass. I love the feel of hips, balls, skin, and hair. I love the sounds, both mine and theirs, during anal sex. I love the inherent feeling of submission. I love it all. It does have to be a real man though. Dildos just don’t do it for me.

What I do not love is the suggestion that I stretch even further. Why? I am not planning to fuck a Clydesdale or impale myself upon fire hydrants. Dude, seriously. My ass doesn’t need training. It is a pro. It has taken cocks far bigger than yours without any assistive devices.

I am curious. Do any women, completely for their own pleasure, decide to see just how large of an object they can fit in their ass? I have never met one.

I’m not judging, really. I’m just babbling about my own anal preferences. If anyone willingly wants to gape their own ass to extreme diameters, that is their choice. It is just not my thing. I wish them many orgasms, and continence of bowel.


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