The Perfect View

“A long, curvy, hilly drive on a sunny autumn day. Mountains & shoreline everywhere. Forests changing. Jamming Rush. Solitude. Weed. Perfect.”


Sir had sent me to have some beautiful knives engraved for him. A rush order. I knew the perfect place, but I was told my wait would be up to four hours. I did not mind one bit. I had other errands to run, and happily went on my way. The stunning landscape continued to unfold.

As I was nearing my final quick stop, I glanced at the clock. I had only used up 45 minutes. I started wondering which of the dozen or more local scenic perches I knew would offer the best view of the mountains, water, AND trees for my long wait after. The ‘Perfect’ view. I smiled. I had lots of time and could go to them all. One of the most spectacular ones was just up behind where I was headed anyway.

Suddenly it found me. I stopped the truck. My mind was suddenly flooded with memories of clamps and cuffs, skull fucking, clothespins, ballgags, anal pounding, hair yanking, complete humiliation, and so much more. It had happened right here. Several times. I gushed. That last errand was going to have to wait quite a while…

I had found my Perfect View.

The Perfect View

Clickety click. 😉

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