Fifteen Minute Break

“You still haven’t answered my question about a date while you’re away Sir.”

“I know,” he answered distractedly, not even looking away from his screen.

Obviously he was busy, so I went outside to enjoy the sunshine. He came out a few minutes later, typing away, and muttering to himself. I could not resist the words (and tweet) that followed.


His response gave me chills.


He was talking about my Delrin® cane. ‘Delirium’ was declared not to be a typo, and I did not argue. It is definitely one of the side effects.

Why did I ever decide to make this evil thing? It WON’T break on me. Ever. But it WILL break me. Every time.

It is so flexible, it stings much more like a long whip than a cane. It never fails to cut stripes on my otherwise mostly unmarkable ass. I hate it, and he knows it.

You can buy one yourself…

Or make your own for pennies…


I fetched the cane as quickly as I could. He had disappeared by the time I returned, so I tweeted again. I didn’t have to wait long.

WP_20151005_001 (2)

He grabbed my hair in one fist, picked up the cane in the other, and dragged me into his workshop. He bent me over a barstool placed in the center of the concrete floor, pulled down my pants, and held me there.

“Now seems like a good time for you to tell me more about this date you want to have.”

He whistled the cane around in the air behind me. I frantically tried to blurt out as many words as I could before… Thwack!

The howling began. I wrenched out of his grip, trying to get away. He held me while I hopped up and down screaming from the intensity of the pain. When I had calmed to only crying, he turned me toward the stool again. I began to resist, but he pushed me down.

“Please continue,” he said calmly.

I think I tried to say more words. I may have only hung there sobbing. That was only the first one…

Thwack! It felt like a hot sword slicing right though my flesh. I reared up again and fought to get away. He held me again through the screaming.

“Back over the stool.”

I had to fight myself to bend back over. Restraints are so much easier. I really wanted this date though.

Two more strikes came in rapid succession. I almost couldn’t breathe as that pain rolled through me. Only two more, I thought.

He didn’t even wait for me to return to my position for the last two, catching me completely off guard. I finished again howling and dancing. He chuckled, then held me.

“Good girl. You can have your date now.”


This is what Sir can do when he decides to take a fifteen minute break from work. Break a brat. He also does like to leave some sort of mark before I go on a date…

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I’m missing Sir today. He is gone for ten days. I am looking forward to Monday now, though.

I wonder how many more stripes I can earn while he is away? 😉

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