“Bind me well Sir. I don’t need to fight. I need to surrender.”


Sir grinned evilly. A posture collar and clover clamp combination instantly eliminated any upper body movement. He buckled on a ball gag and blindfold, purring evil things into my ear with that sexy voice. Eventually my screams quieted to whimpers, and he continued. The spreader bar locked my lower body into position.


He ordered me to lean forward onto a cushion. I tried. The screaming began again. The clamps tightened, twisted, and tore at my nipples at each movement on the fabric. Very carefully, I pushed myself back up, crying. He purred more wonderful things into my ear. I lowered myself onto the cushion again and again like some kinky, screaming, crying Drinking Bird toy, eventually settling. He never forced me down, or ordered me to stay. He simply waited patiently until his order was followed, then asked me to put my arms behind my back. An anal hook took away the last remnants of freedom I had.


Any movement caused excruciating pain, so I didn’t move. I simply had to accept whatever Sir chose to do, which he seemed to enjoy immensely. All I could do was scream, cry, and/or breathe as he used various selections from his ‘Weapons of Ass Destruction’ collection. The whip to the soles of my feet, and torment with the Hitachi and/or njoy Eleven would get me screaming again any time he felt I had gotten too quiet.


When he had completely destroyed me to his satisfaction he unbound me, but he had already set me free. I was out in subspace, surfing warm waves of light across the universe. My body collapsed onto the floor, instinctively curling up into a fetal ball. It seemed like a very long time before I finally returned to it.


Sometimes surrender isn’t a defeat, it is a hard fought victory. When I finally surrender my body completely,  I let go of everything else as well. My mind simply stops… while whatever essence remains flies away for a while off in that wonderfully renewing place. I often think of it as a temporary state of death. It causes a complete system shutdown and restart that was long overdue.


Thank you Sir. I needed that. I love you.

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