Hempfest Slutquest

Some glimpses of my annual Hempfest Slutquest weekend:

‘Yay! Today is Semi-Public Facefucking Day, or so I’ve been told…’

‘Headed to Seattle Hempfest.

If any of you are there today, let me know.

We can fuck.

Or something.’


‘”How many times do I have to tell you NOT to make me start laughing when your cock is all the way down my throat?”

“Shut up & suck whore.”‘


‘Me to my date:
“When you go out to smoke, every woman in the place always walks out with you.”
(Thank you again.)
#SexyMan #LuckySlut’


‘I fucked up both knees on my annual Hempfest Slutquest day.

Just noting a trend, not indicating surprise.’


Looking forward to next August. 🙂

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