#MyLastDom the Psychopath

This is what one dangerous psychopath and abuser looks like.


He was my last Dom. Take a good look. He has become even crazier since my last girlfriend has kicked him out and gotten a protection order against him. Now he has decided to not just attack me online, but is threatening my privacy, family, and friends too.

He has been threatening them physically, spreading lies, and sharing other people’s personal information.


He has created several Twitter and fetlife accounts to do this. One fetlife even includes the girlfriend’s pictures, name, and town pretending to be a FtM transexual. If you really want to, you can follow some of the attack. I am @iSlut_ on fetlife. He’s so obviously off the deep end it is been fun to laugh at him.


But he has already involved one minor daughter in his meltdown. He has posted Craigslist sex ads with their real address using the girlfriend’s name. He could easily do that to my family too. I just ignored him.

And then Friday morning, he decided to fuck with Sir. Oh HELL no! It was time to fight back.

I called his mommy and daddy.


And it did feel so nice to hang up on him…

Will it work? *sighs* Sadly, most likely not. Her court order against him hasn’t kept him from attacking her. They are only misdemeanors. A second protection order for the same thing to someone else does make further infractions felonies, but that won’t really phase him. You see, he’s not just an asshole, I strongly suspect he has Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Antisocial Personality Disorder DSM 5 301.7 (F60.2)


“The consensus is there is very little in the way of effective treatment for Antisocial Personality Disorder. Individuals with APD may have to be contained by the criminal justice system, through some combination of incapacitation (incarceration) or supervision and monitoring (parole, probation, or house arrest, or informal monitoring by local law enforcement to contain their harmful behaviors to others to the greatest extent possible. Incarceration may not a deterrent to the antisocial individual, as those with APD have difficulty learning from mistakes, are rigid in decision making, make poor decisions, and are unresponsive to punishment.”
David Porter, MA, LADC

I am facing this psychopath head on. I don’t know any other way to do it. I am willing to bring everything out in the open. I am standing up to my stalker, and saying ‘No’ to blackmail. Even if it means involving my family. My friends are willing to do the same. We are not in physical danger right now, but he is only four hours away…


It’s not just us I am worried about though. He preys on women. He will need someone to hit. He will abuse her emotionally, nonconsensually, just as he did me. Then he will do it to the next one, and the next, and the next. And he really was quite charming at first…

His real name is Richard (Rick) Drake. He is currently living in Silverton, Oregon. He is on many social and dating sites, using numerous email accounts and usernames. He is constantly making more. He can never hold down a job, and always seems to need a place to stay. But of course, he won’t tell you any of that.

Take a good look at that picture again. He is a dangerous predator. If you ever meet him, RUN!!!

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