Tilting At Windmills

This has been a week of battles. I would have MUCH rather had kinky sex all week with lots of photos. It would have been much more fun than the full-blown PTSD-Triggered/Pissed-Off-Mama/Nearly-Homicidal-Maniac time I had.

People keep disrupting my quixotic vision of a world where everyone just does the right thing.

Truly sinful…

But I was Right.

Every. Fucking. Time.

I was just having issues playing “nicely”.

Saturday’s giant was Delta Airlines. You can read the story of how they held my child hostage if you like.

Sunday’s giant was the Pedophile. In the few hours I had before work, I enlisted the entire neighborhood to call 911 if he is seen. I had been respecting his “rights” with my silence before then, but there has been a warrant out for his arrest. He is still walking free. More eyes are better.

And Monday’s giant was the VA Healthcare System.

It had been 33 days that I had been trying to be seen and treated for skin cancer. Not because there were no appointments available. Occasionally a human would answer, babble about a consult they needed without which they could do nothing for me. My provider HAD sent them one.

Usually though, no one ever answered their phones. I called often. Each message promised to return my call ‘as soon as possible’.

No one from Dermatology ever returned my calls.

Finally I called my Patient Advocate. They are supposed to help. The voicemail said ‘as soon as possible’ too.

The Patient Advocate never returned my calls.

In frustration, I asked the operator last Tuesday who I should talk to before I started calling news stations. He transferred me to the Director’s Office immediately. I was promised answers within 2-3 days. I was relieved because I was about ready to come in for some sort of peaceful sit-in until I got results, and said just that.

The Director’s Office recommended I not protest peacefully at the Veteran’s Hospital.

Then the Director’s Office did not call by their own Friday deadline.

Monday morning I headed out when I got off work.


I would have rather slept in, since I had barely slept since Friday. I needed urgent medical attention though, and I’m not referring to the cancer. I could barely walk and would not be able to work without it.

Everybody thank Delta Airlines for that.

I was not quite up for this battle, but since I was going to be there anyway…


I checked into Urgent Care and dialed the Director’s Office from the waiting room. I was told there was no progress to report yet. I stated that I was IN the building, that I was wearing a sign, and that I would not leave until this was taken care of. I said I was going to come to their office as soon as I was seen for my sciatica.

She said she would call me right back.

A few minutes later my phone rang. It was Dermatology ‘returning’ one of my calls. I told him he was only talking to me because I was in the building. He laughed and offered me an August 4th appointment.

Funny how that consult that didn’t exist when I wasn’t in the building suddenly appeared…

I laughed back and said that the wait was unacceptable. Two MORE months is too long. I said I would just go to a civilian doctor and they could pay for it.

I invoked The Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, signed into law by the President to help veterans like me going untreated by the VA. You may have seen it on the news. I had it printed out, and was holding it in my hand as we spoke.

He tried to argue that the 30 day counter had only just begun with his offer of an appointment. I asked if that meant the 33 days of him just sitting on his ass without calling me until I showed up didn’t count.

He said those days did NOT count.

I laughed again. “Too bad Sunshine. August 4th IS more than 30 days out. I win. You lose. Ha! Gotcha bitches!”

He grudgingly conceded. I could hear him typing my referral to the Choice Act angrily. When he was done, I did not thank him. I did however mention I might still stop by.

I had already won, and I hadn’t been there an hour yet.

Then they called my name and I got treated in Urgent Care. A cute nurse shot me in the ass, and a cute doctor spent and extra 15 minutes with me trying to see if there was anything HE could do to get my cancer treated faster. He seemed as upset about the whole thing as I was.

I educated him about the Choice Program since he did not know about it.

Now it was time to visit the Patient Advocate.

I had been past the office several times. The giant sign on the door said “Unavailable”. I was assured when I asked Information that the sign meant they were in there with a patient. The door would open when they were done. I had not seen the door open once in the two hours it had taken me to be seen and get my medications.

I decided to wait.

I paced the very busy hallway letting everyone read my sign. I got hugs. I got stories of other veterans battling to be treated. I told everyone about the Choice Program. I posed for many photos. Most of them were directly in front of the Advocate’s office. I encouraged everyone to share freely.

After about an hour, I called the number again. I had been telling ‘as soon as possible’ that I was there to see them for three hours now. I knocked on the door. I kicked the door.

No response.

I am so glad I was smart enough to make two signs. I wrote “How long is ‘possible’? You never call back” in red ink on it, and taped it to the door. The girl in the pharmacy happily provided me with tape to do it, and asked if I wanted more.

As I walked away to head out, it pleased me to see more people stopping in the hall to take photos of our signs.


I was done. I won. After a couple days rest, I would find a civilian doctor.

The next morning, as I was laying down after work to get that rest, my phone rang. I almost didn’t answer it.

It was the VA. Not the hospital, my local clinic. Somehow, they suddenly decided to bring in not just one Dermatologist, but another getting certified. There are going to start treating right there, just down the road from my house.

And THEY called ME to be the first patient.



P.S. Delta, you now have 28 days to reply according to your own deadline…

Here’s hoping next week will be MUCH sluttier!

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