When I got my boots I said that they looked “too new”. I also said that Sir would remedy that soon enough. He definitely did just that.


Now they are scarred, scuffed, and beaten. They are more comfortable than ever. I think that they look much more beautiful this way, and will only become more so with time.

I’ve gotten a few more scars myself in the past few months. The physical ones are small, and make me remember Sir with a smile. The emotional ones cut into much deeper, older scars, and are still open but being cared for. I know those will never quite fully heal, but I’ve become accustomed to them.

It’s the scars I don’t have yet that are on my mind today. I am trying to keep a good attitude. I’m a perpetual optimist, and I can quote skin cancer survival rates at myself all day long, but I must admit to being a bit afraid too. Usually when I am by myself. Like now. Because I can.

If I don’t acknowledge my own fears, how can I face them?


This is one fear I do not have the option to run away from. Usually I run full speed right through my fears to chase them away, but not this time. The overloaded VA Healthcare system is in charge of the speed. So I wait, worry, and find new spots.

More scars means more beauty though, right?

In the mean time, I will keep being slutty in my own loony way. I will happily continue serving Sir, on my knees, in even the weirdest of places. Public or private. 😉

My smile will remain. Sir will see to that as well. He is that amazing, after all.


(In fact, if you click on this pic, you’ll see how amazing in just one of so many ways…)

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