I was enjoying a beautiful afternoon, and trying to behave by shading myself, no matter how wonderful the sun feels.


“Come here,” Sir said. “Let me hurt you again.” He had been hurting me quite a bit already.

“I’ll just stay here, curled safe in my nettles Sir…” I have no idea why I suddenly decided to be a brat AND bring up the plants. Why did I say that?


He smiled an evil smile, and I sat nervously while he examined, then photographed the weeds I had missed when mowing last week.

“These are your nettles. There are many like them but these will be shoved up your… pussy!”


“Grow your nettles with the same love they will show you,” he added.

My response should remove any doubt that I am truly insane.


Sinful SundaySee who else is being sinful with me this week.


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