Dirty Sluts and Hoes

“Dig here,” Sir said. “Make a garden for Mrs D.” Then he left town for a three week trip.


Time was an definitely issue. Her seedlings were sprouting already. The weather forecast was iffy. I work two other jobs as well on the days I stay with Sir. And it was already Thursday. Mrs D does her gardening on the weekends, and always has guests over on Sunday evenings for dinner. Everything had to be cleaned up and the lawn had to be presentable and mowed by then.

I could have just tilled, but part of the place Sir had chosen was a very mature flower bed. It had gone over to blackberry brambles, but the flowers were still pretty. I couldn’t kill them. Step one was going to have to be relocating the roots of those flowers, minus the blackberries, nearby.


So I dug. By hand. I moved the flowers to their new home. Much of the grass was relocated as well. The rototiller kept me company.


I was a very dirty slut when it started to get dark. I needed to clean up and nap before the night shift. I simply stripped in the yard and walked naked into the house.


Over the next two days I dug. Wood ash was tilled in. Roots were raked out. By Saturday morning, the garden itself was ready for Mrs. D. By Saturday night, the yard was ready for Sunday Dinner.


And then the Welder showed up. Lovely fucking, sucking, cock, and pain for the asking. All I had to do was tweet Sir.

I went to bed instead.

A sin indeed…

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