Welcome Aboard

Kneeling at Sir’s feet by the fire after work, I received an early morning message on my phone. It was from a girl Sir and I used to play with before she moved.

J: Hey baby, how are you? Ask your Sir to show you what I had done yesterday!

Sir showed me a photo of her new nipple piercings.

Me: Ooo… *bites*

J: Hurts so good!

Me: The night I got mine done I had a guy biting on them. Hurt a BIT more than good…

J: I’ve got a new Dom and he’s hard core. Wants me to pierce my clit today. Any advice?

Me: I have a vertical hood piercing, but the jewelry was torn out during rough sex. I had considered the horizontal ‘door knocker’ one next.
My advice… Don’t flinch during the piercing.
Sir’s advice is much better.

J: Ow! Is it worth it? What are the benefits? What’s Sir’s advice?

Me: He sent it to you

It wasn’t really worth it as far as sex goes, and the jewelry got in the way of other clitoral stimulation (fingers, tongues, etc) but walking up & down stairs was more interesting.

J: Lol!
Got his text.

(He had advised her to say “No.”)

Me: At least the door knocker one can be flipped up out of the way
But complying so fast with permanent body modification for a NEW guy… I’d still hesitate for Sir.

J: The nipples I’ve always wanted done so that was fine and redid my belly button too since I got all skinny. I just don’t want to do my clit. I like my wand too much.

Me: “I just don’t want to do my clit.” Hmm… That sounds like a Hard Limit honey. You are allowed them, and can always change your mind later. Many of mine have gone away. ‘No Permanent Body Modification’ is still one of the few remaining.
Hitachi will be pleased.
(Also, if he reacts badly to it… RUN!)

J: Lol, thanks baby. I’ll keep that in mind. Any reading suggestions on Dom/sub you can recommend? Your Sir was easier.

Me: Easier?
I recommend starting with MollysDailyKiss.com. And her recommendations listed are all good.
And find a local Munch of FetLife. Kinky people are best in person.

J: Thanks. Sir was not as demanding. Probably since I was so inexperienced.

Me: Fetlife.com & I am iSlut_ there
And he is FireFireFire
May I put this conversation on my blog? No names. It is good info for other newbies too.

J: Sure. I may have other questions as things progress.
Thanks again.
Miss you!

Me: *bites nipples again*
Miss you too!
Gonna go to sleep now.

J: That hurt! Sweet dreams love.

Then later on Fetlife…

J: Stupid fucker is going to post my photos if I don’t pierce my clit….advice please!!!

Me: Run! Internet pictures can’t kill, but an abusive Dom can.
And call him out publicly here for it.
(PS post the pics here first. Take away his power.)
A good Dom never has to resort to threats & blackmail to get his way.

I posted that last line on Twitter. Twitter seemed to agree.

@TheDannySmite: Jesus CHRIST, no!! “@iSlut_: A good Dom never has to resort to threats & blackmail to get his way.”

@thoneandonlyjoe@TheDannySmite@iSlut_ I’ll go a step further: Anyone who does is not a Dom in any sense of the word.

@TheDannySmite@thoneandonlyjoe@iSlut_ (unless it’s a negotiated, super hot scene about leveraging submission and cooperation.)

@thoneandonlyjoe@TheDannySmite@iSlut_ Oh, of course. Key word: “negotiated.”

@iHotness_: “@iSlut_: A good Dom never has to resort to threats & blackmail to get his way.” Oh fuck no. Wish I were wise enough to know then…

A few days later, and J has been to her first ever munch. She was escorted by the President of the local group, but only after he was vetted by Sir. Now she has a safe foundation, stable ground to try out her subby side. It’s going to be amazing!!!

Welcome aboard slut!


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