Cold Boot

When my phone or computer begins to act weird, or freeze up, I try to shut off the extra programs running in the background. If that doesn’t work, I usually give up and turn everything off and then back on again. You may have done the same once or twice. A complete shutdown, a fresh start, and almost any electronic device will work better again. This procedure is referred to as a ‘Cold Boot’.

All ‘smart’ devices are simply pale imitations of the human brain…

When my brain begins to act weird and freeze up, I pay more more attention to rest, food, hydration, and emotional/physical signals from my body running in the background. Any, or all, can contribute to mental dysfunction. When those aren’t the issue, I turn to Sir for help.

A flight through Subspace is, for me, a Cold Boot. Everything is fresh, new, uncomplicated, and very clear. My brain works again. Subspace is, after all, merely Transcendence. The best Cold Boot of all. Subs, great prophets, and your average Buddhist monk speak the same language. I feel sorry those who can’t ever seem to ‘Let Go’…

But this is just about the picture, right?

Sir NEEDED to ‘Let Go’, but couldn’t. He has needed to for quite a while. I was finally allowed to fix that, for the moment. The photo is of him, still blindfolded and cuffed, tucked in up to his chin… flying.

A Cold Boot. A fresh start. Background chatter removed… Bliss.

This alone, more than any other aspect, may be the single strongest physical/emotional/physical/spiritual draw for me from BDSM. It isn’t just about me. It isn’t just about him. (Or them.) It is a connection to so much more. The benefits have a ripple effect.

But I’m rambling again…

If you’ve been there, you already know what I am trying to say. If you haven’t yet… I hope to meet you there soon.

P.S. Personal Note to Self: Remember for next time, “Ow” is not technically a safeword. 😉

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