The Present

I know what I want to post for #SinfulSunday. I wish I could make it the main photo. I just have to hope that Sir won’t peek behind the ‘fake’ picture until he gets to see his present in person…

As you may recall, I had a Hot Date a couple of weeks ago. It was all for Sir. Even the slutty barter I used for professional services. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking and fucking in the spirit of Christmas.

I am a giver like that…

So hidden behind this photo is the Christmas present I made for Sir. He hasn’t seen it yet. Hey guys, do me a favor and don’t give it away on Twitter.

And Sir, don’t click on the picture until you have seen your present in person. Terrible things might happen if you do. Then again, this could be the beginning of a beautiful Punishment Scene…

So I leave the choice up to You… *warms up lube* 😉 #EvilSwitchySlutGrin


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