Am I the only one that has sexual memories (and/or fantasies) that includes dumpsters somewhere in the setting? *grins* God, I hope not!

Those were some awesome nights.


The other day though, this dumpster brought up a different memory immediately. It had a message for me. I stopped and begged Sir to photograph it.

It reminded me of The Bet. And coincidentally, the 49ers were coming back to Seattle this weekend. Hmm…

I tweeted:

“Official Dumpster of the SF 49ers”
Another bet?
(Maybe I’ll get to sleep with your team again.)

His immediate response in DM was:

“Maybe I should write that phrase on your ass. Or your forehead.”

So I’ll take that as a yes?

See you next time you’re in town.

Go Hawks! 😉

If you’re a slut like me, sometimes we’re behind a dumpster, but we always get chances to BE one.

    And even we lose, we win.

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