“So, how did you two meet?”

Whenever this question comes up I just smile. I don’t have to answer. Sir enjoys doing just that.

“We met on Twitter. Laurie is an internationally famous Sex Blogger. I was just one of her many fans.”

That statement usually raises an eyebrow or two. Often it brings up more questions. And makes some great friends. I could argue that He actually is far more famous, but I don’t. I just blush demurely and squirm in my chair.


Two years ago tomorrow I met Sir for the very first time. It feels like I have always been His. And I have changed in so many wonderful ways.

I was a semi-famous Sex Blogger two years ago. Once people actually started reading & commenting on my stories, I got sucked right in. My numbers went up. Page hits, links posted, Alexa score, oh my!

I started thinking about my blog anytime I thought about sex or kink. It was all about the photo. It was all about the shock value. It was for the audience.

*Hey, I could make money at this. I could teach workshops. I could go to conventions…*

My numbers skytocketed.

Woo fucking hoo.

I forgot about me. I forgot this is a journal. A personal tool. I don’t care if you read it. People tell me my babblings have helped them. And they still do privately, so they can speak freely.

I removed my comments. I grew tired of the obligatory parroting of people just wanting reciprocal links to their own blogs. If you’ve ever commented “I agree with Molly” on my blog, then yes. I am talking about you (plural).

I stopped caring about the numbers. I stopped making my personal life into work. I became simply satisfied with being happy.

I am living a dream. I am OUT. I have two homes, two families, two completely seperate lives, & everyone knows about it. I can have my cake and eat it too.

But I will keep journaling, for myself, for Sir, and for my favorite fan & hero @Mollysdailykiss. And for anyone else who wants to follow along.


There is always something new with Sir…

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