“I’ve never had ginger used on me,” the girl said. She had never even heard of figging. “What does it do?”

Oh, this was going to be fun!

Sir sent us on a trip to the grocery store. “Get the biggest piece you can find.” The one I choose even had the bag boy saying it was the largest he’d ever seen.

Her blush was beautiful.

We met up with Sir, and I proudly displayed the ginger. The bartender walked over and commented on its size, causing the girl to squirm even more.

Then I decided to get evil.

I had her Google ‘figged and caned’. The story of my first experience was among the top five results.

“Read it.”

I sat back and enjoyed her facial expressions, gasps, & groans. The ginger was right in front of her. She knew very shortly we were going home, and Sir and his friend were going to use it on her.

I wondered how wet she was.

What good is a mindfuck if the victim doesn’t even know to be scared? Now she was terrified. Now all of those lovely fight-or-flight chemicals were coursing through her veins.

My work was done.

We went home and Sir put his new stocks on her. He tied her to the bench. His friend peeled the ginger. Then it began.

Her tears, falling onto my skin, were lovely…

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