Training Day

“Now you’re going to watch the slut cry and drool,” Sir promised his new young sub. “He is going to fuck her throat with a pierced cock and no mercy.” He wanted her to watch and perhaps learn a trick or two.

She looked nervous.

I was not. I’ve been training hard the past two weeks. Pun intended. Sir had been generously offering me out to men and enjoying my slutty squirming. None have ever said no. I even got to practice on the one with the 6 gauge barbell as the main attraction for guests at Easter Sunday Dinner.

Practice, practice, practice.


Finally Training Day arrived. I was ready. I knew he was going to be harder than ever on me. I was not wrong. There was no ‘working up’ to swallowing his cock, barbell and all, today. He was going to pound my face as fast and rough as he pounds my ass. He and Sir had been talking about it a lot.

He did exactly that. He raped my face. I focused on opening my throat. I fought for air. He enjoyed the feel of my cut off screams, and occasionally allowed me to breathe. During one of those gasping moments he asked “Are you crying yet slut?”

I looked up at him and grinned. I had mucous and saliva dripping off my chin. When I could finally speak, I growled defiantly “Not yet.”


I could hear her moans during the resulting assault. I could hear Sir directing her to watch as he teased and tormented her. I focused on Him.


All resistance ended. My arms glided behind my back. My hands clasped. My muscles relaxed. Now the only things keeping me upright were the fists in my hair and the cock pummelling my throat.

“Look at her,” Sir ordered the girl. “Now that is a VERY good slut.”

When the man was through with my throat, Sir let me show her some of my oral talents with women. My face was buried in her cunt while I got the fucking I had earned.

I love my life!


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