Dental Torture

The other day one of my fillings fell out. I wanted it taken care of immediately & began calling around. After the first few were booked full and I was placed on a couple of standby lists, I took a break and went to go smoke.

Going to the dentist doesn’t freak me out as it does for so many others. I used to work as a dental assistant. I am so comfortable there I often fall asleep in the chair. Still, the elusive inevitable appointment was far from my idea of a fun way to spend a day off. I was very unhappy.

I smoked some more. 😉

Why shouldn’t it be fun? It could be. Usually, when I change my attitude I can alter my reality. (Try it…) And while I’m at it, why not make it as slutty as possible?

I closed the list of dentists and logged into fetlife. I sent a message with the subject “Long time, no blow ;)” to a dentist that lives near me. I met him at a gangbang. Several of them actually, and he often stayed for the after party sex. I hoped the subject line would get his attention, and included my phone number.

He called a short time later. I did have to confess I’d forgotten his real name. He told it to me again, and told me to call his receptionist for an early morning appointment. I did so, and when asked if I had been seen before by the doctor, I thoroughly enjoyed saying “Yes. But not as a dentist.”

I enjoyed it so much I texted it to him. He laughed and came back with “No mentioning the other cavities I’ve filled on you.” I promised and said I’d see him at 9 am.

Then I let my mind wander. Mmm… a kinky dental scene. The chair. The instruments. Forced to behave. Aroused as hell. And he would know. Almost everything spoken aloud during this visit would have double meaning. Just the words ‘drilling’ and ‘filling’ alone were already making me horny. I’ve never looked forward to a dental appointment so much, and I’ve never masturbated because of one before.

The next morning I texted him from his waiting room “This is not exactly the way I would have preferred to get you into my mouth again.” I wanted him to know exactly where my mind was. I wanted his mind there with me. The gutter is always more fun with company.

I was seated, and after an xray, he came in. Ah yes, I remembered those eyes looking up at me from my pussy. I shifted in the chair. I wondered if he could smell it again. The torturous word play began.

To the others in the room the procedure appeared quite routine. Perhaps he might have seemed a bit distracted. My sounds and need to keep sitting on my hands or clenching them together could have been because I was scared. I hope they didn’t know it was because I was truly fighting the urge to fondle his cock while he drilled in my mouth.

After he finished filling me in a completely new way, he had to move on to the next patient. There wasn’t time to chat alone. I told him in a text why I restrained my hands. He told me he had been dripping precum. My response was “Tease.” Then he invited me back to try out the chair with him after hours one night soon. Hmm… let me think about that for a bit less than a nanosecond…

In the meantime, he’s left a bit of himself in my mouth again and this time, it’s permanent.


This picture is obviously not of me, or even by me, but it makes me drip. It also nicely conceals the real, less than flattering photo behind it that shows his view of my dental torture.


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