Predicting My Own Future

When I wrote these words so long ago, I didn’t realize I was predicting my own future…

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“Once upon a time there was a girl. She wasn’t anything special. She didn’t always follow all the rules, but she was basically a good person. And she was looking for something. She just didn’t know what until she met Him.

He was a very powerful man. Not the kind of power that comes from wealth or position, but a natural power that radiated from within. He was quietly confident. He spoke gently, but he had a pull… a draw… that held one’s attention. His words were mesmerizing. He was a natural story teller and He spoke of wonders beyond imagination.

From the moment she met Him she knew she would serve Him forever.

He welcomed her with love, and made her a part of His family. He was a good man, kind yet firm. His rules were simple, and made sense. He expected discipline, but was forgiving of honest mistakes, and used those times to teach rather than punish.

His ‘family of choice’ was dynamic and large. Sometimes new men and women were welcomed into this community, His inner circle. Others moved on, never forgotten, and welcomed with open arms should they return.

She never felt so loved.

Of course there were arguments, misunderstandings, jealousies, and more. People do that. But they followed the rules. They thought of others. They were nice to each other. They did things just because it was the right thing to do. Well, they tried. They were just human after all. When things inevitably went wrong, they sought His wisdom. He was a natural born leader. They all loved Him.

And He loved them all.

He always made her feel very special however. They always had a very intimate connection. In their private moments, their personal time, He was just Himself. His big-hearted, vulnerable, passionate soul was open to her. And hers was to Him.

She learned so much from Him. She learned so much about herself. His greatest gift to her was showing her a place of great joy, peace, calm, and love within herself. It was a feeling, a flight, an existence too wondrous for words.

It forever changed how she thought about everything.”

I would not change a single moment.


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