Remember to Breathe

This week’s post is a very special guest post, and a very beautiful gift. Thank you J. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. :-*

For you, the reader, I will torment you with only part of the story. The following is Day 2 of 3…

“Last night was just a warm-up. Tonight my friend will be coming over with his giant pierced-cock and @iSlut_ is going to get pummeled while you watch. And maybe he is going to fuck you in your ass.”

“Yes Sir.” but on the inside I was freaking the fuck out. A giant pierced cock, in my ass? No fucking way.

The morning was very nice, croissants and tea.. the farmer’s market and grocery shopping. We bought cheeses and olives and bread and new music for our little party. After beers we headed back to the house.

“There are chores to be done, sluts, then we are going to tie up the girl and she is going to be beaten. @iSlut_ will mow the lawn, while the girl stacks firewood. I will go prepare the studio.”

And he placed my posture collar back around my neck.

Feeling pretty excited, I piled wood on the porch while @iSlut_ manned the mower and Sir got the studio ready for me. When it was time, Sir put the blindfold on me and attached my leash to my collar and led me up the stairs into his beautiful and very-well stocked play room. He immediately removed all my clothes except my socks, “I want my slut to be comfortable.”

And he began to tie me to the St. Andrews cross. First my wrists, then my ankles. Then he bound my breasts and tied my waist. He inserted the anal hook into my ass, which totally surprised me, not realizing I was ready for it, and tied it to the rope binding me. He then attached clover clamps to my nipples around the cross so that if I moved away from the cross at all horrific pain shot from my nipples, and the hook pulled at my ass. I stayed quite close to the cross. He then told me he was going to hurt me. And he told me that he loves me.

He started with a flogger, gentle and nice, then he hit me hard and I screamed. He quickly decided a cane would be better and he hit me six times with it, each time I screamed in terror when it hit me on my thighs and ass. Oh man, did it sting. And oh did I cry. I sobbed and hung from my wrists, broken. Sir caressed me and whispered to me. He said he would return and he left me there.

Soon @iSlut_ showed up and tried to help make me more comfortable. She retied me to her liking, then put in a double-sided strap-on rubber dildo, and began to fuck me while the Hitachi tortured my clit. I had never been tortured by a Hitachi before, I didn’t actually really think it existed. I had only found pleasure from that amazing device before, but here it was; too, too much and it made  me writhe and scream, and the clamps against my nipples were the worst part. I was sweaty and hot and could not hold myself up. I felt weak and fucked with enough. I was done. Not according to Sir though, who was laying on the bed watching. He instructed @iSlut_ to remove me from the cross and to tie me down on the spanking bench. Sir even reattached the clamps to my nipples so that if I moved at all they would pull with excruciating pain. Oh Sir is such a sadist. He loves this. And I love that. He then told her to beat me. And she did. And he told her to fuck me, and when she pulled me back the clamps tore at my nipples and I let out a ridiculous cry and tears were everywhere and she fucked me while I sobbed and Hitachi-ed me while I screamed and cried and did not cry red.

“You are a fuck pig and this is what happens to fuck pigs.”

Sir held my face and told me he loved me.

“When is the last time some one went to all this trouble to make you cum?”

He stroked my head and face while she hit me.

“You are only getting what you deserve, fuck pig.”

She then released the clamps from my nipples while I screamed, laid me on the bed and fucked me more until I squirted and came and cried some more. She wrapped a blanket around me and held me and reminded me of my breath and reminded me the reasons that I came. I lay there, shaking and sobbing, releasing so much that was inside that I did not need to hold onto.

“That was just the warm up, slut. Now you have a couple of hours to recover and rest. Clean her up and shave her.”

Sir left and I laid down with @iSlut_, her caressing my head and telling me that she has cried in that same spot many times. And we laughed. And I cried still.

We walked to the bathroom and she removed my collar, which left bruises on my collarbone and neck and I looked at my new welts in the mirror, so pretty. I looked at my face. I was shaking and tear-stained. Why did this turn me on? I climbed into the bath tub and breathed. I laid back while @iSlut_ bathed me and shaved my cunt. She reassured me and I asked her many questions, beginning to understand that she was my sister and mentor. When she left I laid back in the tub and wondered what I was doing. Is this what I want? And how did I end up here ? And all those things running in my brain and when I opened the door and Sir was there with his own robe and slippers I knew I was just where I belonged.

Sitting at the counter was Sir’s big-pierced-cock friend. He seemed very nice and I was not intimidated. I felt pretty relaxed even, the shaking had mostly stopped and I warmed myself with a glass of wine by the fire.

“We have some work to do, sluts, when we are done, the collar goes back on the girl, and the fucking will begin. Now @iSlut_ go prepare yourself, and the girl will make a cheese and bread plate while my big-pierced-cock friend and I discuss work.”

I busied myself with my task and enjoyed listening to Sir discuss work. His friend seemed much less dominating than Sir, and my worries dissipated and I even began to feel quite excited and giddy. I enjoyed showing off my welts from earlier.

On the porch, I sat with @iSlut_ while she oiled and massaged my collar to soften it and Sir and his big-pierced-cock friend finished up. Sooner than we were ready, Sir arrived on the porch with my collar and leash. I took a deep breath and stood so Sir could place the collar around my neck. It was more comfortable this time.

We all went inside and Sir made me remove his robe, he let me keep on the slippers, which were much too big and made me giggle.

“You are going to be blindfolded and you are going to fuck yourself for our company with your new dildo. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He then blindfolded me and laid me on the couch and handed me my new glass toy, fresh from the refrigerator. He inserted it in my pussy and I immediately felt so turned on, whether they were watching intently or not I do not know but I imagined they were and it made me so wet, and I enjoyed fucking myself silly. I then heard Sir tell his big-pierced-cock friend to pull his pants down and fuck @iSlut_’s ass. He told her to bend over the couch and then I heard her gasp as he put his big-pierced cock in her. The sounds of that turned me on so much and I was fucking myself even harder, I wished I could see all that was happening.

Sir’s friend is a glass blower and when he saw my little dildo, he told Sir he had a bigger one for me. Sir removed mine and put the big one inside me, it had a slight curve, I gasped and came. Then Sir shoved my dildo inside my pussy along with the big one and told @iSlut_ to come eat me while I fucked myself. Which she did. Then he told his big-pierced-cock friend to fuck @iSlut_’s ass while she ate. And he did. Fucking her hard, her face banged against my pussy while she ate like a pro, Sir was there all the while encouraging all of us, pushing us to go harder. @iSlut_ was moaning and growling, primal and beautiful. He then told me that it was my turn to get my ass fucked, and I surprised myself with an enthusiastic “Yes, Sir.”

And I bent over the couch, my face landing perfectly in @iSlut_’s cunt, and I felt that big-pierced-cock pushing against my ass. I was much more receptive than I ever imagined, it hurt, oh yes, but there was more, I felt filled and massaged and battered with the piercing inside. We moved onto the couch and he pounded my ass hard.

“Fuck that bitch harder.”

And he did. And he was not near so friendly.

“You like that giant cock, slut?” and he pulled my hair hard while I screamed, slamming into my ass.

“Please, please, Sir, I need a break!”

And it stopped.

“Time for cheese,” said Sir’s big-pierced-cock friend.

We all took a little break for snacks and wine and lively discussion. I snuggled on the couch with Sir.

He held me and caressed me and told me that he loves me and that he wants to keep me, and that I am a very good girl.

“Time to fuck @iSlut_ some more.”

And Sir’s big-pierced-cock friend lifted her dress and began to fuck her hard into the couch, @iSlut_ sprawled, under the pillows, all I could see was her ass getting completely plowed and I could hear the guttural sounds. Sir and I sat together and enjoyed the show.

“Do you have a bigger glass dildo?” Sir asked his big-pierced-cock friend.

And he did. This one was huge and black and scary. Sir teased me that he was going to fuck my ass with it.

“No Sir.” I said, over and over again.

“Okay, then it’s the cane.”

And Sir pushed me on the couch and begin whipping my bottom while I screamed.

“Get back up there, slut, ass up, ass up.” And I pushed my ass in the air to meet the cane, breathing all the while.

“She gets six.” and he hit me six times, forcing me to ask for each blow, while I cried.

“Yes Sir.”

I was next to @iSlut_, who was sitting on Sir’s big-pierced-cock friend.

“You can say red, why are you being so stubborn?” @iSlut_ said to me. She and Sir’s friend were staring right into my eyes.

And I breathed and asked for more.

When he was done I crumpled on the couch.

“You know what sluts get after six cane hits? They get a giant black dildo in their ass.” And he laughed and his eyes twinkled.

“No Sir.”

“In your pussy then, slut.”

“Yes, Sir.”

And he laid me back and lubed up that giant fucking dildo and slowly began to fuck me with it, filling me. While @iSlut_ and Sir’s big-pierced-cock friend watched. I took it, and I moaned, and I screamed until I could take no more.

“Now, go over and help @iSlut_ get him off.”

I looked over and @iSlut_ was slowly sitting down on his dick while facing us.

“Lick his balls and her pussy, slut, earn your keep” and I scrambled over to them and did as I was told.

Sir’s friend seemed to like this very much and moaned, “good teamwork girls.” It felt nice to be recognized.

Then he slipped out of her ass and @iSlut_ expertly jerked him off with her wet pussy, his cock and her pussy rubbing all over my face while I sucked and licked his balls.

“Take note, girl.” she said to me. And I did.

Then we took another break, more cheese and wine and talk. Then Sir told his big-pierced-cock friend to take @iSlut_ to the studio and to have his way with her, his only request was that she be usable by morning.

Then Sir and I snuggled on the couch some more and talked about our future together. Sir does really love me and want me and he has offered me all that I dream of. Then he pulled me to my feet by my hair and removed my collar. He took me to his bed where we kissed and cuddled while drifting off to sleep.

What a weekend! And there is so much left out here. But the four of us will know… and remember… and smile. That is the entire point of this blog. Shared memories.

Oh, and pervs like you of course… 😉

The cross


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  1. @iSlut_ says:

    @Mollysdailykiss This is why I needed you to post my link last week. 😉 Thank you again.

    • Molly says:

      You are more than welcome…. even more so now I know why, not that I minded of course just that this is a fabulous added bonus.

      I think what I love about this post is how the debauchery is interspersed with civilized cheese and wine time… how perfect is that!?


  2. I am always intrigued by your adventures, and it’s nice to read of the loving side of Sir. Your photos always stay with me.

  3. Miss July says:

    Wow!! Loved reading this adventure. It seems so fun and perfect!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  4. Bunny says:

    Dang. That sounds like way more than I can take. Much respect.

  5. JOhn says:

    Shared memories indeed; so hot and erotic 😉

  6. Amazing post – and what an incredible experience too!

    xx Dee

  7. Hyacinth says:

    Hot and intense and really, really lovely.