A Bedtime Story

Me: “Are you offering to read me a story?”

@Pissgums: “Would you like a bedtime story?”



Once upon a time, there was a little redheaded girl. She lived with her mother, and her mother lived with fear.

“Don’t go into the woods alone,” her mother would say. “Don’t take candy from strangers.”

“Make certain you always have an escape route in mind.”

But the little redheaded girl didn’t feel the same fear… She liked the woods, and she liked candy, and she liked feeling trapped.

“But you might get hurt,” said the fearful mother. But the little redheaded girl liked getting hurt.

For the little redheaded girl, walking in the woods, taking candy from strangers, getting trapped and getting hurt weren’t so bad.

They weren’t things to be feared. She did them. She experienced them. She felt them, deeply, and through them, she felt free.

She felt free because, for her, there wasn’t much in the world left to be afraid of.

And so she lived, happily, joyously ever after, skipping through the woods, filling her belly with candy from strangers,

letting herself get tied up and chained up and hurt, and she lived more thoroughly than anyone dreamed possible.

@Pissgums: “There. That’s enough for tonight, little girl. *tucks the covers under your chin*

You have a sweet night’s slumber, and dream sweet dreams, joyous dreams, happy-making dreams.

And these are to keep the dull, the boring, the mundane dreams away. *forehead kisses*”

I slept like a baby. Thank you R. :-*

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3 Responses
  1. Pissgums says:

    Always a pleasure, my little redheaded girl.

  2. Molly says:

    The redheaded girl is one of the bravest people I know.


  3. Certainly reads like the little redhead girl lives happily ever after ~ quite probably alongside the big bad wolf 😀
    Lily xxx