All I did was play a song. And not even the whole song. Only two minutes and twelve seconds of it. But when Sir asked how many seconds it was, I knew I was in trouble. And I was. 132 seconds in Sir’s mind equaled 132 cane strikes.

Then I had the audacity to ask for a playdate the next day. And not just any playdate…

Sir’s response was “After 132 you may make a written application to be allowed ‘cop cock’ via your Sinful Sunday post. We will let the masses vote on it.”

Then the mindfucking began. It was billed as the Beating of the Century. And it would be live tweeted. While I counted. To 132. With the cane.

I knew there was no way I could do it. Absolutely, positively not. In Sir’s hands, even six cane strokes usually leaves me blubbering and bleeding. I had done 100 lashes with a belt before, but the belt is nicer than the cane. And that Sadist was not *this* Sir. I was going to fail.

But what I think really doesn’t matter, does it? Sir said it was going to happen. So it would. And his amusement at my squirming kept him making me squirm all the more.

“If you are good I will wipe away your tears with my cock.”

“In exactly 24 hours you will present yourself naked and quivering on the spanking bench, then all you have to do is count.”

And so on…

And finally it was Tuesday morning. 7:42 am was the designated time. I did the slut walk of shame out of the teepee saying goodbye to Sir’s friend, then presented myself to Sir. And then hurried up to my room to be ‘naked and quivering’ on time.

I was scared. But not for myself. I was more worried I would disappoint him. And you.

When he came upstairs, he told me his rules. For every ten cane strikes, I would be allowed to suck his cock. And for the fifties (50 and 100), he would fuck me for that number of strokes… and maybe one or two more if he felt like it. Thank heaven for the motivation! I can take ten of anything if I know there is cock as a prize.

The following are Sir’s tweets during the beating, and the pics he posted as they happened.


For what you are about to receive… (The natural cane was a gift from a guest cock, and the black one I made myself. Delrin® is unbreakable. And cuts in his hands.)

@iSlut_ (I fucking love this picture. Not for the image, but because I know what was running through my head at that moment… Submitting, but terrified, and anticipating that first strike…)

When you get to 50 I will fuck you. (“Oh my god Sir! Tweet that. That is so fucking hot!” Especially growled into my ear…)

14 (I was freezing. Even before the first strike. I begged for a blanket. Pain on goosebumps is not my friend. As soon as I curled up in that warm, fuzzy place, I was ready… until the first strike had me screaming.)

20. And now you can have some cock. (Although each set of ten increased in strength, it was that much closer to cock. Any numbers called out ending in seven or higher were called out, through gritted teeth, and after much screaming and squirming, almost defiantly.

@iSlut_ (In between sets of ten, he would face fuck me to the point of  complete submission. I love breath play…)

30 (I was starting to lose count at 29. I didn’t want to start over. I was a quarter of the way there almost. And then he throat fucked me again until nothing else mattered…)

Only a hundred more to go. #32 (Only one hundred… but only eight more til cock. And twelve more to being fucked…)

40 (His chuckles at the reactions I was making to the strikes started to cause sympathy giggles. So of course you hit a giggling sub harder…)

50. Time for 50 shades of cock. (Fifty strokes is not enough! Nor is any amount. *frustrated groaning and growling ensued*)

60 (I assure you these are much more painful than they look. I was fighting hard to think. I had to count! Then it happened… I lost my number completely. It was either 59 or 60, but I didn’t know. I was taking too long. He asked me for the number. “Fuck it. When in doubt, pick the lower number. 59 Sir.” Later he told me I had guessed wrong.)

70 = cock (More than half way there… more than half way there…)

Smile for your followers. That’s 100. (Those screams were turning into purrs very quickly now. And I think he fucked me *way* more than 100 strokes…)

You made it to 120 but I am bringing this for the last 12. (Oh fuck! I thought I was going to actually do this. Why did I ever make that evil fucking thing?!?)

Achievement unlocked. 132 with the cane. (I was flying. With eyes wide open. As far as I know, that has never happened.)

You have that beaten hard and put away wet look… (Or the brainless, grinning idiot look with only an hour to recover before work. I was still flying even when I met him after work…)

It was horrible. It was wonderful. It was perfect. And again with Sir, I am grateful for being able to trust him even when I want to say no.

I love you Sir.

But now I still need to make that “make a written application to be allowed ‘cop cock'” that I mentioned earlier. If you, as a reader are still with me. “We will let the masses vote on it,” he said. And you are the masses.

Should I be allowed ‘cop cock’ that has been offered to me? Would you like to perhaps see photos, or read about me actually being fucked by a cop? You decide. And comment below or tweet @Domworks if you follow him. 😉

(Happy birthday Sir. And I love you either way.)

Update 9/1: Thank you everyone for the votes, but I have withdrawn my request.


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