No Safewords

He pulls me from the driver’s seat & over the tailgate, beating me. “Sure you missed me slut?” Thru the pain I cry “Yes Sir!”

“There is no safeword today slut, but you will get a reward if you’re good. Now we will start at pain level Red & work up…”

Screaming, clawing, crawling, fighting, begging, sobbing, the hoarse safewords no longer wrenching out. “You need more slut.”

I could no longer fight, lying limply, face down in my own drool on the hard floor, no tears left… He picked up the pieces.

The wonderful things he growls in my ear no longer make sense. Words have no meaning. I can feel his love deep within my soul.

Why would I allow anyone to torment me well past any safewords? Past trust, to real fear?

Because He needed it.

We all have our own demons.

Sinful Sunday
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