Kink Therapy™

@iSlut_: So doctor, as a musculoskeletal specialist, what do think about therapeutic beating? Professionally?

James: Define ‘beating’ for me…

@iSlut_: Flagellation, tapotement, canes, etc. Rhythmic more important than hard.

James: So….good for increased blood circulation to soft tissues which aids healing, helps relax myofascial trigger points and triggers. Endorphins which aid in pain relief and wellbeing.

@iSlut_: Don’t forget the immune system strengthening.

James: Naturally!

@iSlut_: So, what else, if anything? Hard to find non-kink (a.k.a. apparently questionable) resources.

James: The benefits are those of any deep tissue manual therapy. The difference would be the level of pain/force involved which would intensify the benefit. However, to much trauma and there will be soft tissue damage beyond the therapeutic range which would be counter productive (in a purely medical sense). From a kink POV, though, the worlds your oyster! 😉 All soft tissue interventions (US, ECSWT, eccentric loading etc..) have the goal of causing micro trauma as a start of healing.

@iSlut_: But can the shock waves be used for torture? 😉 Thank you for this. Have you used a violet wand? I have been for some massages. My instincts tell me it is therapeutic as well, but no research.

James: Yes, it’s powerful stuff and, to sore and tender tissues, painful. You’re welcome! Feel free to DM if you want more info.

@iSlut_: DM sent. 🙂

James: Never seen it but had quick look in Google. Electro therapy is a recognised form of treatment but I don’t claim to have much knowledge on the area. The prob with research in this area is the low number of cases and the lack of double blinding. Also one can’t reduce MSK therapies to the scientific method. It’s art AND science.

@iSlut_: And good old fashioned instinct.

James: That’s the art, of human insight.

@iSlut_: I rely on that. Now with massage, before with my patients. And always with sex.

James: THAT is the heart of all healing and the gift of healers.

@iSlut_: Sex? (Kidding.)

James: I recognise it as a form of therapy….;)

@iSlut_: Oh, it is. Sex can heal quite a bit. Just frowned upon as ‘therapy’.

James: Which is something I strive to fight against. You’d be amazed the conversations I have with my patients! 

@iSlut_: I doubt I would be surprised. I would be fascinated.

James: You are, of course, right. We have the same view point. Nothing would surprise us.

@iSlut_: Society surprises me often, but usually my question isn’t “Why?”, it is “Why not?”

James: Fear of change and the ‘different’. Humans can be curious but invariably conservative as well. Learning to explore off the leash.

@iSlut_: Newton’s laws apply to people as well.

James: Yes, there is a drive towards chaos, but there is another instinct which seeks wholeness. They often conflict.

@iSlut_: When I have those conflicts, my choices usually are ‘wrong’ & ‘chaotic’ by accepted standards. But I’m healthier & happier.

James: ‘By their fruit shall ye know them’, ideology means nothing compared to outcomes 🙂

@iSlut_: ‏I just follow my instincts. And do pretty well at listening to my body & emotions. After transcendence, it all makes sense.

James: ‏I’m instinctive too. Fairly new to all this but trying ‘not’ to learn rules for rules sake. I’m my own sort of Dom.

@iSlut_: ‏*purrs* Those are the BEST kind…

He named it. I claimed it.

Kink Therapy™.

Why not?

Now selling… myself.

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