“How do you read the signposts of life? Look at the events in your life. What is unfolding in your life right now? Be aware of both the undesirable and the desirable. Realize that there is always both. And, when you can’t see both, then imagine how you want things to be. Hold on to that dream until it too becomes a reality. It will if you hold it in your heart and mind and persist until you see it revealed.” (source)

Yes, this is real. That is my antenna in the corner.

I passed by This A Way and That A Way Thursday on my way to a meeting with a TM teacher. It was unexpected to learn that her Master and friend was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi himself. What an honor! Living history. I was in awe of this exceptionally intelligent and accomplished woman.

Oh the fascinating conversations we had. She explained TM to me. I explained Subspace to her. We understood each other, speaking the same language, even if some of the words were different. There is no other word to sum up that visit other than ‘joyful’.

On the way home, as you may imagine, I was in deep thought. Still, I felt the need to stop and take a photo here, even though I pass by fairly often and had other photos of this same sign. I could just upload it from my laptop. Why stop?

It was different that day. It meant so much more. It told me I was going the right way, even though I have absolutely no idea at all what the next destination is. I do know it feels like though. It is pulling me toward it. 

I am aware that makes no sense. To you. Or me. I can’t even explain it to myself. But I KNOW it. When I feel ‘gut urges’ this strong, I follow them. In 46 years, I have not yet been disappointed. 

Following signposts in life blindly, without a map, and trusting those deep instincts when logic is setting off all the alarms is scary. Correction… it is fucking insane. Others will remind you in case you forget.

Screw what others think. I am in the habit of imagining amazing things, and my life always seems to follow along. I am having a wonderful adventure, even on the bumpy roads. Others can stay on the main road, never turning, and miss all the scenery. I will just keep following that feeling and when school finishes I will end up where I need to be. Until I am needed elsewhere else that is.

Ironically, I was ‘forced’ to recall another one of my past signposts yesterday during a date. It was a reminder of a huge turn I took. It was terrifying at the time. As I reflected this morning staring out at that same lovely view, I am glad I noticed that sign back then. I nearly missed it. That turn changed me. They all do. I am much happier now because of it, but even back then I knew I would be. I could feel the happiness pulling me this way.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” (source)

This view was hard to see at first. Very hard. This morning it was beautiful. I am a different person. But for those who don’t care and just want to see cock, pussy, and ass… Click on through (and wait… there are a few).

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