I helped Sir for two days after passing my massage board exam. He works very, very hard and I help by serving him however he needs me to.

The opportunity to be alone didn’t happen. There simply wasn’t time. There were crew and house guests. We were all exhausted. And that alarm goes off so early…

It doesn’t matter. He is an amazing man and I wish I could brag about him more. I know the ways I can best serve Sir aren’t always about sex and pain. It is a good thing I have many more talents than just those. Simply serving Him in any way flips all of those subby switches in my head. Just being near Him, even entertaining myself while he works, grounds me and makes me feel floaty at the same time. I am his.

It’s too bad it isn’t still always acceptable to have a slut on a leash in tow though. And work is work. He is gone now, and for the most part out of contact for the next ten days. I am just going to try to hang on to my happy place for a while again. Please bear with me when I fall.

In the mean time, Sir did let me off my leash while he is away. I may have even managed to find a little cock today. Or not. I would’ve posted a click-through though if I did.

A good slut sweeps the teepee with her bare hands after she finishes edging. 😉

Sinful Sunday
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7 Responses
  1. msbunnywhite says:

    That click through killed me. So funny. I know the feeling well even though I'm not in a d/s relationship. There is just something awesome about caring for the needs of the one you love. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and both pics 🙂
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  2. silverdropuk says:

    It's later than half past May and yet it's grey, dreary and wet here. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh. 🙂
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  3. Molly says:

    Ha! The click through made me laugh… I hope the next 10 days zooms past real quick.

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  4. filledandfooled says:

    Very nice teepee, hope your hands are okay!

  5. lilmissshalla says:

    very cute!

  6. idrayne says:

    Ha! I love this. Too cute.
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  7. @beck42069 says:

    Too cute. The teepee is really cool too.