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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

How to Shave Your Asshole 

Tied and Blindfolded 

Why Disney is like BDSM

~ Featured Posts (Molly’s Picks) ~

Because you are so beautiful 

Suspension of Disbelief

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Dildology: The Science of Sex Toys

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

The Vagina Thief 

The Role of Feelings in Swinging Lifestyle 

Why I Feel No Jealousy 


I Asked 

SilverHubby to Respond to a Comment 

Mastering Masturbation in 7 Steps 

The One Where I Face Reality

Sex News, Interviews, Politics & Humor

The Cycle of Change, Simplified 

My IMsL 2013 Keynote

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Kink of the Week #5: Roleplay 

How To find (and catch) a Male Submissive 

How to be a Good female Sub 

The Master’s Voice 

Kink of the Week #5: Roleplay 

“S&M: The Dark Side of Gay Liberation”, 1975 

PolyAnna’s Musings: Choosing Revisited 

KOTW-Roleplay: W’s Perspective 


Liberating the Fisherman’s Wife 

How much realism should be in BDSM erotica?

Erotic Fiction

Sunday Morning 

Warehouse 69 Episode 2: The Marquis’ Crop 

Sunday Morning 



Bend Over, Bad Kitty! 

Dirty Sexy Money 

Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part Four

Erotic Non Fiction

My First MMF Threesome 

That Smile 

What Wet Dreams are Made Of….. 

A Good Match 

I was a Naughty Girl 


Right Here. Now. 

I fantasize about blowjobs & being a good girl


Things to Wear – NaPoWriMo 

Blood Lust 

A poem for Rose 



Subby Space


Look at Me!

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