Subby Space

It is so simple.
I don’t need to think.
I don’t need to worry.
That’s not my job.
*slips further into own mind*

He will command me.
I serve him.
I serve them.
I truly am a slave.
*muscles relax*

I am whatever he needs.
He will let me know.
My role is well defined.
Even in public.
*smiles and stretches*

When he is working, I wait.
Do chores, feed critters.
Remind him to eat.
Then wait some more.
*eyes lose focus*

My mind stills and I curl up, watching my master.
A cherished pet lying in the sun.
I belong. To Him.
That’s all that matters.
*falls inside self and flies away*

I simply refuse to land for as long as possible.

Sinful Sunday
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