Personal Favorites for 2012

I realized today I hadn’t updated my Personal Favorites page since Jan 3, 2012. Damn, I’ve been slacking! These are my favorite ten posts from 2012, for my own reasons, in chronological order:

UnderneathThere are many paradoxes in BDSM… 

That MomentThings can change so quickly, but sometimes those moments stay with us… 

Practicing My ReligionYet another attempt to explain the unexplainable and “pervert Religion, Science, the Universe, the meaning of Existence, and Everything all at once”. 

Fuck You Without A CondomSometimes I can’t let things out, even here, no matter how angry I get. 

All You Can Eat BuffetMmm… military men… 

And now for something completely differentA completely unexpected life change, and proof that attitude is everything. 

GlimpsesAnother big change, and a wonderful beginning. 

Hanging Out With the NeighborsMy first visit to the local kink club, and the devastating results. 

Pain and CollarsHere I go again… foolishly rushing back for more pain because… well… it’s what I do. 

The Bachelorette PartyMy quest to corrupt the neighbors and combine school with kink continues.

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