The Bachelorette Party

So how did I end up rubbing many of my neighbors naked? And flogging them? And covering them in chocolate? While wearing almost nothing? I often wonder how these things happen. I could not have possibly planned this.
It just sort of happened yesterday. One of my neighbors, K, is getting married tomorrow, but her fiancee is on duty all weekend. Her roommate’s husband is as well. It seemed like a good night for watching a movie, eating, drinking, and talking about sex. A girl’s night. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. And it would have been fun just like that. But I just couldn’t leave it there, now could I?
I needed help (willing bodies) for my school assignments. I needed to get two massages done, and I had a chocolate wax idea for my big project. Why not turn movie night into spa night? Still simple. Fun. Well behaved. Normal. And it was her bachelorette party after all.
Now there was no possible way that putting on frilly lingerie for a stay at home spa night could be a bad idea, right? There were no guys. It was just the three of us. 
Then we invited another neighbor, L, over. Her husband was home, but she had just gotten married herself and hadn’t had a bachelorette party either. Two brand new brides, and one to be. It would be fun. We weren’t going out. We told her to bring a sexy nightie.
Suddenly, watching a movie didn’t seem as important. Four girls, dressed like a sorority slumber party in a bad movie, and getting a bit buzzed. The talk was very raunchy. All three know a bit about this side of my life, and all three are turned on by kink. I decided it was time for the bachelorette’s massage.
It was a regular massage. Still so far, except for conversation and outfits, this could be a normal night. But as I massaged, I realized something was missing. What kind of bachelorette party was this with no male dancer? I told L to call her husband over.
I find that nights usually get more interesting when you add in cock.
When he arrived, we were all dressed. Well, we were dressed slutty, but covered. He is a good sport, and watched while the girls got their hands and feet paraffined. It is a secret chocolate fudge paraffin recipe I came up with for my ‘signature spa treatment’ assignment at school. It smells decadent. It feels heavenly. 
I find that nights also get more interesting when you add in chocolate.
While the girls were bound in chocolate and plastic the husband, D, would get a massage. He disrobed and got on the table. He is quite a yummy, young, Navy man. His underwear was still on. His wife was right there. So far, still, a semi-normal evening. I massaged. It could have just stayed there. But where’s the fun in that?
I motioned to L. On the couch next to her was a flogger. My friend and her husband got one after their trip to the Lodge with me. It had been talked about during the evening, but it had not been used. By then she had taken her wax off and her hands were free. She grinned and handed me the flogger.
I climbed up on top of D and began beating his back. In hindsight, I think this might definitely be the moment where the night veered completely away from normal. There is no way I could have possibly imagined, let alone planned this.

He loved it. A rhythmic flogging is a massage. So, technically it was still professional. Me clawing down his back in between, however, was crossing that line. He didn’t mind. He wanted it harder. 

His wife was enjoying the show. The bachelorette and my friend were off in the bathroom with the rest of the chocolate wax and a roll of plastic wrap. Soon she came running out in her new chocolate bra. She smelled as yummy as she looked, and the wax feels so squishy when it is still warm… 😉

I asked D if he was ready to give up the table for his wife yet. After ‘just a few more minutes’ of massage on him, he got up and he pulled her nightie off. She got on the table, and I began massaging her, but called him over and put massage oil on his hands as well. She was enjoying the four-handed massage. I stepped away to take a break and watch. 
I still am not sure how leather cuffs, hand cuffs, vibrators, and giant twist ties came into the picture. But suddenly, there they were. It would have been a shame not to use them.
I helped D hogtie L, and then began massaging her shoulders again while he slipped a small vibrator up under the sheet. I started running my nails down her back. She was beginning to squirm quite a bit. After a couple of minutes, I stepped away again and left them to enjoy themselves.
I rejoined the others a few feet away. The bachelorette was happily sucking on her brand new chocolate wax dildo because it simply tasted so good. My friend and I talked about how strange and wonderful her life has become in just a few short weeks. I was also requested to give two more massages. They want me to rub their men.
The evening went on. There was more flogging. There was a bit of sniffing and feeling wonderfully soft chocolatey boobs. There was male dancing. There was so much more, and it was all awesome, but there was more beer too, so I don’t remember it all right now to write down. But I do remember lots, and lots of laughter. And smiles. And I think I just might get an A on my ‘signature spa treatment’. 😉

The Bachelorette

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