Seeking iSlut_

I was missing @Domworks very much. I woke up this morning to an unusual Thanksgiving gift. I loved it!

I never thought Hitler could make me feel so horny, squirmy, mushy, loved, and missed. The references to the past weekend made me grin for hours.


General: There is a problem. Laurie has not been seen since the last gangbang.
We have narrowed the search, but there are so many cocks for her.
She is probably operating at maximum slut level.
The price of lube has risen to an all time high. 

Hitler: I gave her a collar. I knew it wouldn’t slow her down. 

General: Initial reports have shown
That she is horny as ever. 

General 2: She got loose on a Navy base. The young sailors were terrified. 

Hitler: If you fucked her last night you should leave the room now!
I just want to beat her, to let her know I care, by leaving huge welts on her ass.
Maybe skull fuck her a little.
I should have branded her when I had the chance.
I knew Sharpie would wash off eventually. What was I thinking?
I should have tattooed her.
She is like other girls, just sluttier.
The beatings are supposed to slow her down.
You are telling me she is speeding up. What am I supposed to do, fit her with a chastity belt? 

General 3: You could try tying her up. 

Hitler: I tried that last weekend. She made apple pie, just to taunt me.  

General 3: Was it tasty? 

Hitler: Yes it was fucking tasty. That is not the point.
I kept tugging on the rope and making her squeal.
She wanted more, even though I didn’t let her go to the bathroom for 6 hours.
The more I gave her, the more she wanted.
I beat her in the basement in front of her neighbours.
I really wanted to fuck her right there in front of them.
I guess I will have to save that for next time.
Maybe if I beat her until she cannot stand, then I will be able to control her.
Call that leather shop in San Francisco. I need a special order.
A 12″ butt plug with a cannon ball attached, surgical steel, with spikes.
Let’s see her get through her massage class
Without anyone noticing that.
Really I just want my cock in her throat, till the tears are running down her cheeks
Then I want to stuff her like a turkey
I want to beat her until she uses her safeword
And then carry on and beat her some more.
Turn her into a quivering mess
And hold her until I feel like beating her again.
I cannot beat her if you cannot find her.
I love that feeling when my cock goes that last inch down into her throat.
What am I supposed to do all weekend, eat turkey?
I want to fuck my slut.
Now she is running around unsupervised, and you know that she will be stuffed all weekend.
So what am I supposed to be thankful for?
I am thankful for @iSlut_.

Thank you Sir. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for being you. And thank you for Mrs. Domworks. I am very thankful for both of you. :-*

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